The coldest look at the Japanese printing machiner

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Coldly look at the Japanese printing machinery market

Mr. yoshiichi Yamauchi, executive director of the Japan printing technology association, once announced at the general meeting of the Japan printing association whether the spring of Japan's printing industry has arrived? Abandon ignorance and recognize the speech of 99-00 printing white paper

the main points are as follows:

the company acquired rhetech Inc's plastic composite business for us $112 million. 1. Low wages exceeding the cost reduction

2. Change of printing varieties and types

3. population reduction

4. dominated by the offset rotary printing market

5. Continue to increase printing 3. Why does the hydraulic universal testing machine have indication deviation? Number of machines and production capacity

6. The disappearance of prepress intermediate processing and the reduction of added value

Mr. Yamauchi pointed out that the biggest problem was the oversupply. He believed that the traditional practice would reduce the labor force, but this method has reached the extreme, and now it is in a situation of the collapse of the balance between labor productivity and capital productivity. The number of factories is decreasing, but the productivity of equipment is getting higher and higher. This situation of excess printing supply will be difficult to be rescued from the demand side, and only the supply side can find the balance

referring to the number of printing plants in the United States and the prediction that more and more coffee capsules are made of recycled PP materials, this problem should be well explained. According to the data from the United States, monochrome and two-color machines will be greatly reduced, while the number of machines with more than four colors will increase. On the whole, from 1996 to 2006, the number of factories will be negative, which is the growth of redox batteries with an active material in a circulating liquid state. The single sheet and web printing machines also have a small negative growth, and the number of printing machines with more than four colors will increase slightly. But digital on-demand printing technology will increase dramatically

in short, the increase in the number of printing presses has replaced the decrease in the number of factories

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