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Cool in the body, cool in the heart

cool in midsummer, one stop one care. Through more than 20 cities, the special oil summer cooling team continued on the road... After the successful conclusion of the Jiangsu station, the next stop of the journey opened in Jinhua, Zhejiang. The activity team of "cooling off" continued to approach the front-line engineers to remove heat and heat for customers and bring "cooling off in summer"

Jinhua, located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, is the fixture described in gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic film" of Chinese residents. It is described as: the experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixtures. It is one of the first batch of smart city pilot projects of the Ministry of construction and one of the top ten livable cities in China. The scenery of Jinhua in August is just right, bearing a bit of heat, but summer heat is rare. On August 24, the cooling group came to Jinhua with the cooling plan formulated, found the local shell special oil agent, and jointly built a cool place for the local construction machinery industry personnel, using ice water to remove the heat, and using massage to relieve fatigue

customers come to participate in activities

it is also the basis for the control of instruments and meters. Hairdressers are serving customers

in the hot summer, the lingering heat is the biggest difficulty to dissipate the human strength and spirit of front-line projects. Therefore, the cooling group has prepared sufficient cooling plans and measures. At the event site, we not only prepared heatstroke prevention and cooling items, including cool drinks, ice cream, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc., but also specially prepared small emotional massage, haircut and other convenience services. Customers mainly participate in our production and activities, and enjoy free gifts and services. Under the heat of summer, it has built a small cool and comfortable place to relieve the physical and mental pressure of front-line machine operators, personnel, service personnel and so on. During the service interval, the agent helps the customers to answer the questions about shell special oil

agents answer customers' doubts about oil purchase

customers return home with shell oil products and oil purchase gifts

this midsummer cooling activity is a successful offline action for shell engineering machinery to attack engineering machinery with special oil and practice the new concept of service. In a sense, it has achieved the direct face-to-face communication between upstream brands and downstream users, and also conveyed the new voice of the industry that pays attention to the user market in behavior. It is of positive significance for the construction machinery market to carry forward the positive energy of the post market. This is also essentially similar to shell's experience in improving product performance for many times in recent years, which is to meet customers' increasing demand for products and supporting services of carbon fiber composites, which have become potential materials for lightweight structural parts in the automotive industry because of their light weight and high strength

photos of customers

in June 2016, shell took the lead in launching special oil for construction machinery in the whole industry, including three types of oil: CH-4, CF-4 multi-stage heavy-duty diesel engine lubricant, HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. In April, 2018, following CH-4 and CF-4 multi-stage heavy-duty diesel engine lubricating oil and HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, shell introduced a new special grease product for construction machinery into the special oil product series for construction machinery to meet the increasing demand of industry customers

in March, 2018, the exclusive title of shell construction machinery special oil "· looking for the star of maintenance" was launched, which was jointly organized by Huicong construction machinery, an authoritative industry media. Keenly aware of the current situation that maintenance personnel in the construction machinery service market shoulder heavy responsibilities but do not have the right to speak in the market. Re establish the position of the maintenance market industry through selection and visits. There are three awards in the event: Star of after-sales service, maintenance expert, maintenance model enterprise, and earnestly starting from care to after maintenance. At present, the event has covered more than 100 cities across the country, and has also been sponsored and supported by Jiangxi hengshengda, Qingdao Jiucheng, Zhongwei Zhuote, Guangzhou xinguangming and yuanfengda

the special oil for shell construction machinery in midsummer will cover 40 cities across the country

cold drinks, massage, washing, cutting and blowing, and free door-to-door cool to fly

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this summer, let every engineering robot fly

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