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Color function of commodity packaging design

commodity packaging is an important part of commodities. It is not only an indispensable coat for commodities, but also plays a role in protecting commodities, facilitating commodity transportation, sales and consumer purchase, but also an image epitome of commodity manufacturing enterprises. As a major element of commodity packaging, color not only beautifies commodity packaging, but also plays a marketing function that cannot be ignored in the process of commodity marketing. The color of commodity packaging plays a great role in promoting the entry of enterprise products into the circulation field and the rapid expansion of the sales market. This point is being paid attention by more and more enterprises and commodity packaging designers

I Color has the advertising function of promoting goods and attracting consumers' attention

according to the analysis of relevant data, when human visual senses observe objects, the color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, while its shape only accounts for 20%; After two minutes, the color accounts for 60%, and the shape accounts for 40%; Five minutes later, half of them, and then, the impression of color continues to be maintained in people's visual memory. In today's highly prosperous commodity economy, modern commodity sales, especially daily necessities, are mostly carried out in supermarkets. In the face of a wide range of goods, the first thing consumers notice is the kind of packaging with novel and unique colors that can instantly leave a visual impression on them. The main color of good commodity packaging will be particularly eye-catching, and induce consumers to associate the exquisite and moving parts of commodities through commodity packaging with harmonious colors, so as to generate a desire to buy. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the important role of color in commodity packaging design, and let packaging designers try to design colors that meet the commodity identity and can quickly catch the consumers' eyes when designing commodity packaging colors, In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprise goods in sales. Good commodity packaging color can not only beautify commodities, catch people's attention, and make people have good aesthetic enjoyment in the process of purchasing commodities, but also play a role in the publicity of commodities, and let people inadvertently pay attention to its brand. Smart commodity packaging designers will use this effect to design personalized colors that can quickly catch the attention of consumers in the market according to the characteristics of commodities themselves, so as to attract the attention of consumers

II Excellent color design of commodity packaging can promote the sales of commodities

the color of commodity packaging will stimulate people's physiology and psychology. The ancients said that looking for plums to quench thirst is because people see the bright colors of plums in the painting, which makes people yearn psychologically and react physiologically. In food packaging, the use of bright pink, orange yellow, orange red and other colors can emphasize the smell, taste and taste of food fragrance, sweetness and powder. Chocolate, cereal and other foods are mostly warm colors such as gold, red and coffee, giving people a fresh, delicious and nutritious feeling. Tea is packaged in green, giving people a fresh and healthy feeling. The packaging of cold drink food adopts blue and white with cool feeling and ice and snow feeling, which can highlight the freezing and hygiene of food. Tobacco and alcohol foods often use elegant and simple colors, which give people a physiological sense of delicious and mellow, and a psychological sense of famous brands that show that it has a long history. It is the color of the packaging of these goods that conforms to the physiological and psychological characteristics of consumers, which makes consumers quickly make a decision to purchase this commodity for the first time among similar commodities. This will speed up the sales of enterprise goods

III Color has the function of recognition and memory in commodity marketing

colorful colors are very different because of their differences in hue and lightness. When people buy goods, they will not only pay attention to the packaging shape of each commodity, but also pay attention to the difference of commodity packaging color. In the design of commodity packaging, designing various colors that can be clearly identified by consumers will help people identify various commodities. In psychology, consumers' attention is divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention. When consumers first come into contact with a commodity, they pay attention to the packaging of the commodity unintentionally, but when consumers buy this commodity again, they will pay attention to its packaging color. Therefore, the color of commodity packaging should be designed with its own characteristics, so that consumers can have a deep visual memory of this packaging color, so that consumers can quickly buy the same commodity next time. In the packaging of cosmetics, dark colors, such as black and dark green, are often used to represent male products to show solemnity. The packaging of women's cosmetics is often soft and elegant colors, such as purple, pink, pearl white and other colors, to show elegance. In terms of the packaging of pharmaceutical products, clear cold and warm color blocks are often used to indicate the nature of drugs, such as red for tonic and fitness, blue for anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, green for pain relief and sedation, and red and black blocks for violent drugs. Different kinds are packaged in different colors, which is convenient for consumers to identify and play the function of color memory when they buy next time. This will shorten the time of commodity trading, and speed up commodity sales and product circulation

IV The grading function of packaging color in commodity pricing

this function of packaging color is based on the reciprocity of colors and the color superiority and inferiority customs of some countries. This function of color is often used in commodities of the same brand series. When enterprises launch goods of the same brand with different price grades, if they use the same pattern, the same color, and hidden mark classification, it will often bring mixed hardness to manufacturers' packaging, merchants' sales, especially consumers' purchase, indicating the ability of the material to resist hard objects pressing into its surface. If different packaging colors are used to distinguish them, such trouble can be avoided. In our cultural customs, purple and gold are often used as noble colors, while other colors are used as ordinary colors. Therefore, in China's commodity packaging, when using color to identify the same brand series of commodities with different price grades, purple and gold are commonly used to identify commodities with higher price grades. For example, the same series of brand cigarettes are popular in recent years. The yipinmei series cigarettes of Huaiyin cigarette factory are marked with different prices of this series of cigarettes in yellow, blue, dark red, gold and other packaging colors. Np572 is considered as the standard material for H-class insulation in the use of electrical equipment. Nanjing series cigarettes produced by Nanjing Cigarette Factory use green, red, purple, gold and other colors to distinguish the different grades of this series of cigarettes. Among these series of cigarettes, the price of packaging in purple and gold is higher, and the price of packaging in other colors is generally or lower. The use of packaging color in the grading function of commodity pricing. It can bring convenience to manufacturers' packaging and merchants' sales. When buying goods, consumers can also quickly distinguish the kind of goods in the same brand series they want to buy

v Color in commodity packaging can make consumers have a sense of trust in products

generally speaking, whether consumers have a sense of trust in the quality of a commodity when they first come into contact with it is often an important factor in deciding whether to buy it. When buying a product, consumers will first conduct a self-study on the appearance of the product to determine the reliability of the quality of the product and whether they buy it. This requires our commodity packaging designers to be able to design packaging colors that enable consumers to have psychological trust and resonance with the reliable quality of commodities as soon as they see the packaging colors according to the characteristics of the products. Such as the packaging design of Pearl Whitening Facial Cleanser, its package color is designed as pearl white. When buying, consumers, especially women, will have a sense of trust in the Pearl content and whitening effect of this brand of Pearl Whitening Facial Cleanser due to its packaging color, which will urge them to buy this product. For another example, in the packaging design of delicate products such as clocks, cameras, gold pens and lighters, the use of colors such as gold, silver and gray can not only set off the noble and beautiful temperament of goods, but also consumers will have a sense of trust in the quality of products. This is conducive to the completion of consumers' purchase behavior

VI Color has the function of expanding the popularity of commodities and establishing the image of enterprises

in the complex commodity economic environment, every enterprise wants to expand the popularity of its products and establish a good image of its own enterprise. The commodity packaging on the shelves of various shopping malls is a silent advertisement to publicize itself and establish the corporate image. As for the excellent color design that can quickly catch the attention of consumers in commodity packaging, more and more famous enterprises at home and abroad pay attention to it. When we summarized more methods of Coca Cola in the United States, the company's Coca Cola beverage packaging, although the pattern is constantly changing, its main color of packaging, red, has not changed. Red is the color of young people even with black spots, the color of sports, and the symbol of Coca Cola's eternal vitality. Melatonin, the product of Guangdong Zhuhai Kangqi company, has always represented the high-tech image of the enterprise with blue since it was put on the market. Kodak USA packs its film products in yellow, which represents hope, joy and missing. When people choose the film in yellow, they will naturally think of Kodak USA, which can leave people with eternal and brilliant images. In the process of development, many famous enterprises use a fixed color that can represent their own image to package their products and establish a good image of the enterprise

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