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Wen Shugang attended the 17th Western China International Expo and paid a visit to Dongfang Electric Group. From September 19 to 21, Wen Shugang, director, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Huadian Group, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 17th Western China International Expo and the 9th Western China International Cooperation Forum, Participate in the cooperation and development conference of the community of shared future of enterprises in the Belt and Road countries (regions), the central local Cooperation Symposium and the project signing ceremony for governing Sichuan and rejuvenating Sichuan to a new level, visit China Eastern Electric Group Co., Ltd., and investigate relevant enterprises in Huadian Sichuan region On the morning of the 21st, Wen Shugang attended the central local Cooperation Symposium on governing Sichuan and rejuvenating Sichuan to a new level. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party committee, pointed out in his speech that for a long time, central enterprises, including China Huadian, have actively supported Sichuan's economic construction and actively fulfilled the social responsibilities, and have made important contributions in promoting infrastructure construction, energy and resource development, post disaster recovery and reconstruction, poverty eradication and livelihood improvement. He warmly welcomed more central enterprises to invest in Sichuan, share development opportunities and create a better future. At the subsequent signing ceremony of the cooperation project agreement, Wen Shugang witnessed the signing of the project cooperation agreement between Huadian Sichuan company and Sichuan energy investment group

On the afternoon of the 21st, Wen Shugang visited the headquarters of Dongfang Electric Group and held friendly talks with Zou Lei, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of Dongfang Electric Group. Wen Shugang and his party watched the electric image propaganda film of the air polluter in the car of Dongxia automobile and visited the science and technology exhibition hall. They learned about the hydrogen fuel cell bus independently developed by Dongfang Electric in detail. He reviewed the course of cooperation between the two sides, thanked Dongfang Electric for its long-term support and help to China Huadian, and introduced the production and operation, reform and development of China Huadian in recent years. He hoped that both sides would seize the opportunities of the times, Deepen cooperation areas and promote cooperation to a new level. During the meeting, Zou Lei introduced the latest development of various industrial sectors of Dongfang Electric, thanked China Huadian for its concern and support for Dongfang Electric, and said that he would use first-class technology, products, quality and services to give back the trust of China Huadian. He hoped that the two sides would maintain close cooperation, constantly find new cooperation points, and achieve win-win cooperation

during his stay in Sichuan, Wen Shugang and his delegation came to Guang'an company to investigate and guide the work. Going deep into the running unit 6, Wen Shugang shook hands with the front-line staff, asked about the team structure, safety production, power generation, heating, coal supply and ultra-low emission transformation in detail, carefully examined the staff rationalization suggestions displayed on the team culture wall and the production labor competition column of the Ministry of power generation, and put forward guidance for the next work of Guang'an company. Wen Shugang pointed out that as the backbone power plant in Sichuan region, Guang'an company should think more about the implementation of the two-part electricity price policy and strive for electricity, improve quality and efficiency on the basis of ensuring safe production, and play a leading role; Efforts should be made to change the current situation of the low operating hours of the unit, which is the influencing factor of the verification of non-metallic experimental machines, and further strengthen the production, operation, operation and personnel management, so as to effectively improve the management level; We should promote supply side structural reform, accelerate the construction of regional energy centers, strengthen market-oriented operation, actively connect with development zones and large users, and promote the construction of clean energy such as cogeneration and biomass coupled power generation

heads of relevant departments of Huadian Group, Sichuan company and Jinshang company attended the above activities

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