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Wendeng district began to apply for agricultural machinery subsidies, with simplified but more rigorous procedures

recently, we saw in Wendeng district agricultural machinery administration that an endless stream of people came to apply for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies. Wang Shaohua, from Beizhuang village, Zetou Town, became the first person in Wendeng to go through the procedures of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy this year

"the full payment of my machine is nearly 150000, and the state subsidy is more than 40000, which is equivalent to less than 110000." Wang Shaohua told him that he had just bought the subsoiling combined land preparation machine a few days ago. After learning that the agricultural machinery subsidy work was started this year, he came to handle the formalities at the first time. Not only the newly purchased 1304 tractor can enjoy the purchase subsidy of agricultural machinery, but also his other scrapped combine harvester can enjoy the scrapping, but the renewal subsidy of more than 5000 yuan is considered from the comprehensive cost in the whole life cycle. There are four or five similar machines in his family, which are the multiple beneficiaries of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy

the whole can be repeatedly steam sterilized and still maintain its original mechanical performance

"the subsidy procedure is faster than before. In the past, it may take twoorthree months. Now the car bought the day before yesterday, all kinds of procedures begin to go today." Wang Shaohua said

the simplified but more rigorous procedure is a highlight of Wendeng agricultural machinery purchase subsidy this year, which gradually expands the utilization of cutting-edge new materials. The District Agricultural Machinery Bureau opened a subsidy entry system on the agricultural machinery service information platform, and purchased special equipment for the system, such as scanning, photography, card reading, etc., to serve the masses to the greatest extent. It is understood that this year's subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery are targeted at individuals and agricultural production and operation organizations directly engaged in agricultural production, and the scope of subsidies includes 11 major categories, 35 sub categories and 68 items. Among them, open subsidies should be given to mechanical equipment such as subsoiling and land preparation, grain drying, no tillage and seeding, peanut joint harvest, water and fertilizer integration, livestock and poultry production, etc

Wang Xiuping, head of the management section of the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told that the purchase subsidy for agricultural machinery in Wendeng this year was a quota subsidy according to the requirements of Shandong Province. Machinery that was not open to subsidies and the amount of subsidies was less than 2000 yuan would not be subsidized. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and agricultural production and operation organizations directly engaged in agricultural production are allowed to purchase more than 8 sets of machinery with a subsidy of more than 30000 yuan

compared with previous years, the biggest change in the subsidy policy this year is to change from applying for the subsidy qualification before purchasing the machine to purchasing the machine before subsidy. The buyer shall bring the purchase invoice, ID card, household register, Huimin all in one pass, the original mechanical certificate and other materials to the District Agricultural Machinery Department for subsidy procedures. After verification and information publicity, the financial department cashes through the Huimin all in one payment system

due to the great changes in the subsidy procedure this year, the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau has formulated a practical implementation plan, held two training meetings successively, and conducted pre job training for the personnel involved in the subsidy work to ensure that the subsidy work is carried out efficiently and orderly

in order to put an end to the phenomenon of fake and fraudulent claims, the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau has formulated a number of safeguard measures to build a solid "firewall" for agricultural funds. Wang Xiuping told that in the verification of machines and tools, they implemented "man-machine group photos", implemented "three implementation and three unification" for buyers, vehicle information and subsidized householders, and "three unification" for mechanical verification, information login and fund verification and payment. In addition, they also verified the purchase of machinery below 5000 yuan by random inspection as stipulated by the provincial agricultural machinery bureau, and extended it to all machinery enjoying subsidies

this year, the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau has also improved and optimized the workflow, will verify that the machinery personnel and the personnel handling the listing and certification work together, and will use the agricultural machinery service information platform to fully disclose the subsidy information. Regularly send text messages to the buyers of brake pad materials through the platform to inform them of the subsidy qualification review and the settlement of subsidy funds, and basically achieve a trip and a door, which can not only complete the subsidy procedures, but also complete the listing and certification procedures

the relevant person in charge of the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau said that in addition to farmland machinery, farmers' demand for machinery in breeding, fruit forestry and animal husbandry has also increased year by year. They will actively strive for the national agricultural machinery subsidy policy, improve the level of Wendeng agricultural mechanization, and let more farmers get tangible benefits

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