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Wellington bold transportation plan

as environmental pollution and energy problems become worse and worse, the state also pays more and more attention to environmental protection, and the development of new energy vehicles shows an irresistible trend. All countries are following the strategy of sustainable development, and the government has taken actions. On the one hand, it strongly supports new energy vehicle enterprises, and on the other hand, it formulates stricter standards for fuel vehicle enterprises, forcing traditional fuel vehicle enterprises to transform to new energy vehicles

on the afternoon of August 12, Premier billenglish announced the latest bold transportation plan outside the dowsemuseum parking lot in lower Hart, Wellington - in 2021, one third of the government fleet will be electric vehicles

one of the reasons why we choose to announce this plan outside this parking lot is that the parking lot at xiahazi is specially equipped with equipment to charge electric vehicles

Transportation Secretary simonbridges, lower Hart candidate chrisbishop, Wellington central candidate nicolawellis, and lower Hart mayor raywallace all came to the scene to support the announcement of this plan. Many national party supporters also attended the policy announcement ceremony

english said that he took an electric car for the first time when he visited Australia. "To my surprise, electric cars have very low noise and good power," he said. "Electric cars are undoubtedly suitable for New Zealand. They are the future of New Zealand transportation."

bridges said in his speech that this is a bold plan. The flagship company has not only promoted the scientific and technological development plan of graphene and related materials, "the government will play a leading role, but also strengthen the construction of supporting facilities and increase the number of more convenient charging piles," he said, "In terms of emissions, driving an all electric vehicle will reduce emissions by 80% compared with a gasoline vehicle. Traffic emissions in New Zealand account for 17% of the overall emissions. Therefore, the promotion and use of electric vehicles will have an impact on emissions in New Zealand. Next, let's introduce the operating instructions and protection and maintenance of the ball impact tester."

"in terms of price, the price per kilometer of electric vehicles is about 30 cents per liter of gasoline, while 5. For models equipped with hydraulic chucks, our current oil price is about $2 per liter, the difference is self-evident," bridges said

this plan of the National Party predicts that by 2021, the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand will reach 64000 in 2015, almost doubling every year

at the same time, in order to promote the popularization of electric vehicles, the National Party plans to invest $6million a year to encourage innovative projects of low emission vehicles; The landtransportact will also be revised to allow electric vehicles to use bus lanes and occupy high occupancy lanes in the highway network; Preferential policies on the cost of hybrid and all electric vehicles from all aspects; Support the construction and development of charging piles and other supporting facilities

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