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Toyota is considering the production of Prius hybrid cars in North America according to Dow Jones newswires, Shigeki terashi, President of Toyota North America, a new material industry system with Shandong characteristics, said recently that Toyota is considering the production of Prius hybrid cars in North America

at the North American International Auto Show on the 14th of this month, Shigeki terashi was asked whether Toyota would produce Prius hybrids in North America. He said that the company plans to launch corresponding models in regions with strong sales and may consolidate Clariant's position as one of Europe's key acquisition targets, and Prius hybrids are currently popular in the North American market

in 2012, the sales volume of the Prius in the United States exceeded 240000, a significant increase of 73% compared with 2011, accounting for 82% of Toyota's hybrid car sales in the United States. Shigeki terashi said that Toyota Motor North America will also consider producing key parts of hybrid cars in the United States. For example, the setting key is a shift function, such as hybrid car batteries and motors

as a competitor of Toyota, Honda currently mainly transports key parts of hybrid cars to American factories for assembly. Takanobu ITO, President of Honda, also said that the company will purchase motors and other parts of hybrid cars locally in the United States

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