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Toys are not allowed to be put into food bags for promotion

the "toy collection" turned out to be children's food

food safety certification will come up with a new plan. It is forbidden to put toys into packaging bags without authorization

car models, toy pistols, cartoon pictures... These promotional methods of placing small toys in food packaging will be explicitly prohibited. Yesterday, it was learned from the provincial and municipal quality supervision departments that the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of China recently authorized the China children's nutrition center to formulate a complete set of children's food safety system certification scheme, which comprehensively standardized and supervised children's food in terms of raw materials, product itself, consumption environment and so on

"toy collection" turned out to be food

yesterday, I visited several major food wholesale markets in Nanjing and supermarkets and snack bars near primary schools, and found that there were too many patterns in children's food packaging, including car models and plastic rings. Some children's food is directly named "toys", so it's hard to tell whether they are selling food or toys

in Changhong Road food wholesale market, some look like "cars" and "apples" 2 One business computer, one printer, and the package of "top" only contains a small amount of candy and other food. There is also a "toy collection". When I saw the large characters on the package and the plastic guns and other toys inside, I thought they were selling all kinds of toys, but when I looked carefully, I found that there were several small characters next to a few large characters: "puffed food". A boss told, "children buy food for toys. Pingkuang group has reported Gaokeng, Yangqiao and Huangchong coal mines as the clearing capacity"

the China children's lead poisoning prevention and control project team has conducted a survey and found that the lead poisoning rate of children in China is about 25% - 30%, and about 90% of the sources of lead come from food. The cards and toys in food packaging are mostly made of plastic and paint, which undoubtedly greatly increases the content of lead in food. What is more dangerous is that most of these toys are too small, and once swallowed by children, the consequences are unimaginable

in fact, as early as August 2000, the Ministry of Health issued a document: it is strictly prohibited to mix non edible items that directly contact food in food packaging, but violators are common. The new food safety system certification scheme clearly prohibits putting toys and cards into food bags without authorization

most of the "toy foods" have no manufacturers

during the visit, it was found that the retail price of some toy foods generally ranged from 0.5 to 2 yuan, and the packaging was poor, such as the production date, shelf life, factory name and address, and other signs could not be seen on these foods at all. Faced with the question, the boss of the snack bar at the gate of a primary school told, "the shelf life is on the big package outside, but not on the small package."

in order to ensure that these foods can be preserved for a long time, producers often add a large number of desiccants and additives. Once the desiccant is splashed into the eyes, it may cause blindness when the consequences are serious; Additives may cause harm to children's liver, kidney, blood system, etc., and affect the development of children's immune system

in this regard, the new food safety system certification scheme requires standardized labeling outside food, and indicates desiccants, preservatives or side effects of food itself that are harmful to children

food packaging must be environmentally friendly

take note that most children's food on the market is packaged in plastic. At present, there are many kinds of raw materials for plastic products in China, but only polyethylene and polypropylene plastics are allowed to directly contact or contain food. Generally, non food bags are made of cheap PVC. If toys and small plastic bags in small food and fast food noodles are also made of general PVC plastic, it is easy to cause chronic poisoning and carcinogenicity

the introduction of the new food safety body technician system into China is a certification scheme that stipulates that peanut shell materials for food packaging must meet safety and environmental protection requirements

source: Modern Express

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