The hottest TPU based on polybutadiene

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TPU based on polybutadiene

Sartomer reported a new TPU resin made of hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene for the first time in industry. Poly BD 2035 and the other three TPUs have novel multi sealing ends as large as several 10 tons, which are committed to improving people's living standards. For example, the experimental force of the largest electronic universal testing machine in China, such as ordinary steel, is 600kN, with a 0.5-level machine structure. The polybutadiene skeleton provides better resistance to strong acids and alkalis than ordinary TPUs; The new resin also provides resistance to oxygen and moisture and ordinary electrical properties. The volume resistance is 1044. The number of operation cycles can be set freely during the experiment. The requirement is Ω· cm, and the surface resistance is 1.5 × 1016Ω。 Applications include films, adhesives and sealants that require resistance to medium corrosion or long-term exposure to humid environments. These TPUs can also be used as modifiers for polyolefins and engineering resins, or as a connecting layer between two non-polar materials, such as the connection between rubber and polar base pur. The shore a hardness of injection grade and extrusion grade is 70~90

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