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Toys exported to Mexico will face new heavy metal limit requirements

recently, the Mexican government issued a proposal (proy-nom-252-ssa), which will revise the current requirements for harmful chemicals in toys in many aspects, and stipulate the sampling requirements and testing methods of toys

the proposal puts forward stricter requirements for harmful chemicals in toys for children aged 3 and below and school supplies for preschool children (aged 6 and below) that can be inhaled, bitten and swallowed. It then calculated the following tensile properties of the material: in, the arsenic content was reduced from 100 mg to 25 mg per kilogram, the cadmium content was reduced from 100 mg to 75 mg per kilogram, the chromium content was reduced from 250 mg to 60 mg per kilogram, the lead content was reduced from 600 mg to 90 mg per kilogram, the mercury content was reduced from 100 mg to 60 mg per kilogram, the selenium content was adjusted from 300 mg to 500 mg per kilogram The antimony content per kilogram was reduced from 250 mg to 60 mg, and the barium content per kilogram was adjusted from 500 mg to 1000 mg due to the fatigue failure of parts

in addition, in the proposal, the government will force producers, sellers and importers to sell toy goods that must be tested by a laboratory approved by the Mexican Ministry of health according to the specified sampling requirements and test methods, and submit an application form according to the test results to obtain an approval certificate. Only after obtaining the certificate can they be sold in Mexico

although the new proposal of Mexico is aimed at 3-year-old and preschool toys involving plastic granulators that also cause serious environmental pollution and harmful chemicals, it sends a strong signal that Mexico will follow the steps of the United States and the European Union and focus on strengthening the market supervision of toy safety. This move will weaken the price competitive advantage of relevant toy enterprises, and the proposal has a wide impact, which will sharply increase the export risk of some toy manufacturers

therefore, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the relevant export toy manufacturers to respond quickly, collect relevant information and strengthen control over toy production. Improve technical strength, strengthen process improvement, adjust production mode, and make more efforts in information collection, production link management, etc; Carry out in-depth interpretation and analysis of the proposal, understand the regulations on hazardous chemical substances in Mexico and the types of toys with very few exempted substances, and check and fill the loopholes in safety production according to the new proposal; To strengthen the monitoring of high-risk auxiliary materials such as paint and paint in raw materials, we should start from the fundamental principle of the safety of children's use of servo electromechanical as the power source in toy design

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