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Indonesia tppi will build an ethylene cracking unit

tppi's phase II project will build an ethylene cracking unit. One reason for this project is that they are more and more used for cutting-edge product and process development and construction has been postponed indefinitely. Phase II project includes an ethylene cracking unit, which will support the production of SM, PE and PP. This petrochemical complex includes Aromatics Complex and ethylene cracking unit. If it reaches full capacity, it will consume 2million tons of naphtha with high mechanical strength every year. However, tirtamas group, which owns 70% of tppi, is currently facing financial difficulties. In addition, saimu cement company owns 20% of the shares, and Itochu and Iwai of Japan each own 5% of the shares. PE Eastman recommends the use of vectranrtamina. The shares to be held by vectranrtamina will be obtained from the existing shares of all four shareholders

after the completion of phase II project, the ethylene production capacity of this petrochemical complex will be 700000 tons/year, 380000 tons/year of propylene, 500000 tons/year of SM, 500000 tons/year of PP and 200000 tons/year of PE

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