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TPL optimized service process 95589 added IVR self-service voice service

at present, it is a popular and popular health management service. For insurance companies, it is a value-added service that makes their own business icing on the cake. The purpose is to put the risk compensation role of insurance in front, and start intervention and prevention before the risk occurs, which not only avoids the health risk for customers in advance, It also makes the risk management of insurance companies prepare for a rainy day. In TPL, this value-added service project, which was originally an additional one, received the same treatment as the main business of the company

like every insurance product produced by the company, TPL carefully polished, operated and promoted health management services. Since the health management service project was launched and operated for four years, in addition to further maximizing the effectiveness of the whole process, systematization, and ecological chain health management covering the whole life cycle, TPL has been picky about details bit by bit by means of moistening things silently, and strives to improve every subtle link of timeliness, process, and quality, so as to make customers experience more convenient, smooth, delicate, and warm health management services

24-hour doctor is one of the most frequently used basic services in health management services. It can provide medical service consultation and advice anytime and anywhere, which makes this service within the standard range and gains widespread praise among customers

after the service was launched, TPL has always attached great importance to the feedback of customers' feelings about the service, and regularly conducted sampling surveys and customer follow-up visits to understand customers' feelings and feedback. Through the collation and statistics of background data, TPL found that since the entrance of this service is the company's national unified service 95589, customers need to dial 95589 first, and then manually transfer to the service provider to provide this service. As a result, when the seats are busy, customers often need to wait more time to get the service. 4 Remote sensing and telemetry for a longer distance

for this reason, TPL optimized the service process and added IVR value-added service self-service voice service in the service link. After dialing 95589 service, the customer can press the corresponding button according to the voice prompt, and then the system can directly transfer to the service provider. There is no need to do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and wait for manual seats to operate, so that customers can realize zero waiting when obtaining the service content they really need

in fact, even if the method of manual seating is still used, the waiting time of customers is not long, but put yourself in a position. If customers are anxious to ask for help, even if it is only more than ten seconds of waiting time for the gas spring fatigue machine to pass the method of high force measurement, isn't it a kind of suffering for emotional customers? It is this kind of customer-centered transposition thinking that allows TPL to spare no room for improvement. With a small detail change such as IVR voice service, customers can experience faster and smoother service

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