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Toyota rear triangle window reduces weight by about 50%: made of plasma coated PC

Toyota rear triangle window reduces weight by about 50%: made of plasma coated PC

July 13, 2016

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it is understood that Toyota's special edition 86 grmn sports car has become the first batch of batch production vehicles with polycarbonate (PC) material treated by plasma coating method, This material is used to achieve the highest level of durability. The rear quarter window of this car is made of Lexan resin (a light PC material with light transparency according to the transparency Market Research Report) provided by SABIC. Compared with the traditional glass solution, this kind of window will reduce the weight by about 50%

Toyota's rear triangle window reduces weight by about 50%: made of plasma coated PC

Toyota's special edition 86 grmn sports car is the first batch of mass-produced vehicles with rear triangle windows made of PC material (i.e. Lexan resin) and SABIC's proprietary coating solution (i.e. exatec E900 plasma technology). This model for the Japanese market was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 earlier this year

up to now, manufacturers have been using the pure wet film method to manufacture PC based rear triangle windows. According to the vehicle type and passenger position, the wet film method can meet the requirements of the industry for the weather resistance and wear resistance at this window position, but in some cases, in order to meet the visibility requirements of drivers, a higher level of performance is required

because Toyota hopes to meet the regulatory requirements around the world, the OEM headquartered in Japan turns its attention to SABIC's exatec E900 plasma technology. This flexible glassy coating is deposited on the upper part of the wet film of the substrate to tighten the belt, so as to enhance the performance. This advanced coating technology enables Toyota to meet its high-quality requirements

scott Fallon, head of SABIC automotive business, said, "for PC glass windows, no other technology can achieve the same level of durability as this plasma solution. Today's automobile manufacturers are working hard to build lightweight, fashionable and beautiful vehicles, which is a good example that we can create outstanding value for them."

with the help of SABIC's exatec E900 plasma coating technology, PC plastic windows meet the requirements of relevant regulations on driver visibility. For the application of large PC plastic windows, such as rear tailgate and waste foam granulator, the weight of skylight can be reduced by as much as 50%, which helps automobile manufacturers improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions

in addition, compared with other window materials, PC glass materials can also achieve more modeling and functional integration. For example, the rear quarter window can smoothly integrate pneumatic spoiler, top pillar, air separator, door handle slot and even tail light

86 the rear quarter window of grmn sports car is Toyota's first attempt to adopt SABIC plasma coating solution on commercial vehicles with a safe distance. Toyota only focuses on producing a durable lightweight part to evaluate the suitability of plasma coating solutions for mass-produced global models in the future

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