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TPU material is used in DC shoes brand-new skateboarding shoes

at the beginning, we boldly used vans' latest concept design shoe vans LXVI GR for many years, but it is still as new as before. After APH anatomy to let you know how shoes are made, the divided special, which caused heated discussion, finally officially returned here. This time, we chose DC shoes, a famous shoe brand in the skateboarding field

DC shoes has officially made a major breakthrough this year, extending the original professional field of skateboarding, and hopes to become a leader in professional sports, including material recommendation, structural function design, and on-site process guidance. It is believed that DC shoes will be guided by the spirit of improving shoe technology, It also provides more opportunities for more people to experience DC shoes' breakthrough in the personality of never giving up trying extreme sports

therefore, we chose the brand-new dcshoes 100% single component s unilite trainer, and boldly removed all the ways of connection, so that we can explore the truth. We believe that we can better understand the structure of shoes based on this, but also feel the crystallization of the effort and research time spent by dcshoes behind the scenes

dc shoes unilite trainer has exclusive lightweight technology. The shoe body is designed with no seams to provide excellent coverage. The outer part is made of shape fabric material and the hole structure between the inner part and the tongue, so the feet have a comfortable sense of ventilation. Therefore, in the composition of the shoes, it is roughly divided into five parts to achieve the lightweight design structure. The main outer part of the shoes with no seams connection design is matched with ortho Lite lined foam and shape fabric materials

in addition to the holes in the middle and tongue, the foam lining provides a high degree of breathability and lightweight upper design. At the same time, with the revolutionary dcshoes, unilite technology lightweight cushioning technology, which integrates years of experience, provides the most immediate response

in addition, the material connecting the sole and the midsole is TPU (thermo plastic polyurethane) with EVA material, which provides more sufficient middle cushioning and reduces the burden of feet when moving or walking

finally, the wear-resistant and cushioned sole provides the best functional grip and instant response. These seemingly simple structures actually use a lot of material science knowledge. Compounding a variety of materials into simple parts can better see the boldness and innovation of dcshoes in the technical level

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