The hottest TPV Emerson 32 inch curved 2K display

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How about the p3217gqc evaluation of TPV Emerson 32 inch curved 2K display? Trial evaluation introduction

TPV Emerson 32 inch curved 2K display 1ms e-sports 144hz borderless HD curved screen desktop game computer screen bar wall mounted p3217gqc, E-sports new products, the following is a collection of the latest trial friend evaluation and detailed configuration parameter introduction, hoping to help you choose Guanjie Emerson 32 inch curved 2K display for reference

I. TPV Yimei exhibition is an excellent platform for self presentation and self promotion. How about the 32 inch curved 2K display p3217gqc? Is it easy to use

trial model: TPV Emerson 32 inch curved 2K display p3217gqc how

reference quotation: ¥ (that is, the sample is constantly in the jaw, in the jaw, in the parallel section or outside the gauge distance) 2199.00

trial experience for a week:

(1) the large screen looks so cool. The workmanship of TPV's large manufacturers is good. Finally, I don't have to look at my previous small screen. My friends say that playing games will buy 144hz, After experiencing it, it's really different. The test has no bad points and runs smoothly. It's recommended to buy 2K for such a large size, so that your eyes will be less hurt. It's really beautiful. It's great to eat chicken and watch movies

(2) 32 inch, 2K curved surface, 144hz, 1ms, wall mounted, everything I want. The screen is bigger than your imagination. Haha, it's great to play games! The picture is also very clear

(3) the color is obviously much better than my notebook with 50% gamut, but there are still some deficiencies in specialty. Finally, it needs to be corrected with a color corrector. The workmanship is good, and some details will be better after polishing. The weight is very sufficient, and the appearance is better than the picture. At first, I didn't like gold very much, and the color of the real object is also very good. Logistics is also very fast, and the packaging is very tight. It is also possible to repair drawings and make videos

experience of three weeks' trial: Please click here to enter tmall store to view the detailed content introduction

II. TPV Emerson 32 inch surface 2K display, such as p3217gqc configuration parameters:

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