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Influenced by the Western drug packaging industry, domestic drug packaging is developing in a more humanized, safer and more comprehensive direction. The famous DuPont law tells us that 63% of consumers choose goods according to their packaging. "As a 'silent salesperson', packaging, with its external structure, form and pattern design, promotes the visual image of goods into the eyes of consumers, arouses their desire to buy, and is also an important factor in promoting the brand and corporate image." Normal Xingxing, the chief structure of Nanpai marketing team, said that although the R & D and quality of drugs as special commodities always rank first, as an important indicator of quality evaluation and a window to publicize corporate culture, the importance of packaging has also been paid more and more attention by domestic drug enterprises

with the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, especially the international pharmaceutical packaging enterprises have entered the Chinese market, making China's pharmaceutical packaging industry gradually integrate with the world and develop towards a more humanized, safer and more comprehensive direction

humanized packaging cares for consumers

when we walk into pharmacies and face a wide range of drugs, we can't help finding that the packaging of domestic drugs has indeed started to improve in recent years. Many manufacturers have begun to think about details, making the packaging more humanized and considering more and more patients

low dose packaging to avoid errors: low dose packaging includes packaging with metering function and primary dosage packaging. The accurate metering function of drug packaging makes dispensing more convenient and reduces dispensing errors. The common one-time dosage packaging is that the drug manufacturers pack the drugs according to the conventional one-time dosage before leaving the factory. As early as 1990, one-time dosage packaging was popularized in the United States. At present, 55% of the drugs in the United Kingdom have adopted one-time dosage packaging. "With the development of composite materials and sterilization packaging technology, China has been able to effectively ensure the accuracy of one-time dosage packaging of liquid and solid agents." Zongyungang, deputy director of the Economic Research Office of SFDA Southern Institute of pharmaceutical economics, said that many pharmaceutical manufacturers began to reform the small bag packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, which improved the dispensing quality and made it convenient for patients

special treatment for special groups: the drug packaging in many foreign countries can be said to be considerate, for example, the safety cover is specially designed for children; The package shall be marked with "keep the medicine out of the reach of children" and other prompts; Design lively and lovely cartoon children's clothes for children and the elderly, and enlarge the size of drug instructions for the elderly; For the drug packaging of critical patients such as cancer and uremia who are often depressed and depressed, the warm colors with high brightness and color are often used to achieve a relaxed and warm effect; For the drugs of fever and inflammation patients who need quiet and cooling, the outsourcing color treatment mostly uses cold colors such as blue, green and purple. "The above-mentioned drug packaging actually undertakes the task of psychotherapy, which extends the curative effect of drugs." Fan Xingxing said

this kind of humanized care is also gradually reflected in the packaging of domestic drugs. In the drugstore, I saw that the outer packaging bottle caps of some children's antipyretic drugs such as Tylenol suspension can not be opened by rotating, and they must be pressed down to open the bottle caps. However, children do not have the strength to open the bottle caps. The staff of the drugstore told that this kind of packaging is mainly to prevent children from mistakenly taking drugs as drinks

anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure drug quality

"the anti-counterfeiting technology applied in the drug packaging industry is not simply a certain technology used in printing, but a perfect anti-counterfeiting system composed of anti-counterfeiting technology, detection methods and management and use means." Zongyungang said that the anti-counterfeiting technology of pharmaceutical packaging in China started relatively late, and the anti-counterfeiting of most pharmaceutical packaging is simple. However, there may be nearly ten kinds of anti-counterfeiting signs on a pharmaceutical box several square centimeters in Germany, and anti-counterfeiting signs that can be recognized by the naked eye, such as microfilms, polishing plate making and gravure printing technology on similar banknotes, as well as anti-counterfeiting signs that can only be seen with special lenses. With the development of the whole international anti-counterfeiting industry, the domestic anti-counterfeiting technology of drug packaging has also begun to make continuous progress and improvement

holographic anti-counterfeiting: This anti-counterfeiting technology is the most commonly used. It refers to the technology that uses the principle of light interference and diffraction to record the form of light wave interference fringes emitted by an object as a "hologram", and under certain conditions reproduce a three-dimensional diffraction image that is lifelike to the original object. For example, the boxes of domestic drugs Lijunsha and Sanjin tablets are now pasted with three-dimensional holographic anti-counterfeiting labels of true color light polymer, As long as the viewing angle changes, you can see the change of the relative position of the pattern

anti counterfeiting of special materials: at present, it is common to select special materials in the anti-counterfeiting of drug packaging, such as anti-counterfeiting paper and anti-counterfeiting packaging materials. For example, the instructions of domestic drug yunanbai, step Naoxintong capsule, etc. are made of special watermark paper, and the instructions of Mailuoning injection are made of chemical watermark paper. In addition, there are fibers, ribbons, etc. embedded in paper as anti-counterfeiting. The blue packaging bottles and plastic caps of calcium gluconate oral liquid of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory are made of packaging materials that can not be replaced but can only complement each other

laser film anti-counterfeiting: laser film is a brand-new holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging material, which combines laser film with paper, makes laser anti-counterfeiting printing on the laser film, and produces laser anti-counterfeiting packaging box through the process of carton + laser film + printing. The laser effect has the characteristics of bright colors, clear layers, clear images, etc. the process is unique and difficult to copy. It not only has the anti-counterfeiting function, but also makes the packaging beautiful and improves the product image. The laser film on the "three gold tablets one" outer packaging box produced by Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can be seen from different angles. The good entrepreneurial environment in the United States has also promoted the birth of many small graphene enterprises, showing the words of "three gold tablets" and the logo of the company

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