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DSM akulon fuel barrier reduces evaporative emissions of small engines

recently, life science and materials science company DSM announced that its special akulon polyamide 6 series materials will provide the simplest and most cost-effective solution for vehicles and equipment using small engines, and improve the industrial technology and scientific and technological level as a whole, so as to reduce evaporative emissions of small engines

it is reported that compared with the traditional polyamide 6 (PA6), the fuel barrier performance and impact strength of akulon fuel barrier have been significantly improved. The solution using this material is more reliable and cost-effective than fluorinated HDPE, and the barrier performance will not gradually disappear over time like fluorinated HDPE. The overall performance of akulon fuel barrier is also better than that of other materials, including polyacetal (POM), PA6 based nanocomposites and hybrid materials; The overall system cost is also lower than fluorinated HDPE tank and multi-layer tank. Unlike other barrier solutions, tanks made of akulon fuel barrier material do not contain toxic chemicals

DSM akulon fuel barrier is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to reduce evaporative emissions from small engine fuel tanks

akulon fuel barrier can be processed with existing HDPE processing equipment and molds, and has various specifications suitable for injection molding, blow molding or rotary molding. During the forming process, all wastes can be reused. If the processing conditions are ideal, it will hardly affect any physical or mechanical properties. Compared with HDPE, the evaporative emission of small engine fuel tank made of akulon fuel barrier material can be reduced by more than 99%

2012, the experimental force that DSM akulon fuel sample can withstand is as small as a few 10cn (such as spandex fiber for textile). One of the oil barrier series products - akulon fuel barrier fl40-hp obtained the administrative order (EO) issued by carb, which proved that fl40-hp meets the minimum permeability standard of small engine fuel tank for non road vehicles. With this EO guarantee, small engine fuel tank manufacturers and users no longer need to carry out a lengthy and expensive test process to confirm the permeability of the fuel tank. The maximum permeability limit of the oil tank allowed by carb is 1.5g/m²/Days, while the permeability of akulon fuel barrier fl40-hp (minimum wall thickness of fuel tank is 1.2mm) is less than 5% of the maximum limit. The fuel tank made of akulon fuel barrier material can also meet the regulations recently issued and implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

at present, akulon fuel barrier oil tank has been applied. Although it is also related to other factors such as the diameter and length of transmission pipe, it is also related to Kohler's supply of lawnmower engines for the American market. The fuel tank meets the customer's requirements for the surface. In addition, because the material of the component is metal quality and fuel permeability, it has passed the low-temperature impact resistance test. "

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