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Drupa 2008:oki diversified printing solutions appeared

at drupa2008 held on May 29 and June 11, 2008, Oki company exhibited the award-winning high-precision LED printer and the latest printing solutions. The high-precision color printing quality, sharp detail performance and rich color performance make visitors feel the creative output flexibility brought by the design concept and product of OK in terms of functional food packaging special materials

oki company showed the latest HD color LED printer series, including C9800 series printer, es3640xf printer and Degrava DP 8500 printer. These printers can meet special output proofing requirements, and have excellent quality consistency and color restoration, thanks to Oki's LED technology

indoor color printing: Oki C9800 series

breakthrough in low-temperature CO sintering technology

through the new generation of C9800 series printers, customers can complete the efficient and high-quality printing of business documents and manage the printed documents more effectively. OKI C9800 series features high positioning accuracy, cost-effective indoor color printing and efficient data management. It prints 36 A4 color prints or 40 A4 black-and-white prints per minute. The improved working characteristics further realize bright colors, professional printing quality and high customer satisfaction. In addition, the C9800 series multifunctional all-in-one machine is economical and meets all the needs of professional printing, scanning, copying and faxing

on demand printing and professional image art: Oki es3640xf (color all-in-one machine based on c9800n)

with es3640xf, Oki printing solutions can meet the needs of on-demand printing and short edition printing, especially for image designers and publishing professionals. Various A3 printing materials can be used in this system, and a large number of printing tasks can be completed in the system, such as double-sided printed pamphlets, business cards, flyers, three fold pages and banners up to 1.2m. EFI Colorproof XF color management software is combined with adobe postscript 3 rip component of ICC Color Management to provide a high-speed and low-cost combination mode for print and design samples

unique label printing solution: Degrava DP 8500 (c9600n transformation machine)

this is the first time Oki has exhibited a short version label printing solution. Degrava DP's high-end aluminum powder new material industry will lead to faster development. The aluminum powder material market structure optimization 8500 is a system that can fully meet the needs of short board label printing, with high cost performance. It mainly includes the following features

1. High digital printing quality and strong adaptability

degrava DP 8500 adopts the LED technology of Oki company, and the printing accuracy and reliability are well guaranteed. With the support of DCP (Degrava s color Pro) color management system, rip processing can be performed on very difficult images, and the consistency of image processing quality can be guaranteed. The output capability of DCP mainly includes printing images from PC or Mac, managing non variable or variable data, and color correction. It can be well applied to the color printing of labels, trademarks and other narrow print

2. Simple structure and environmental protection

degrava DP 8500 has simple structure and simple operation. It is a continuous printing system based on toner, which is suitable for the printing output of roll to roll label materials. The printing substrate includes self-adhesive and thin paper with a printing width of 215.9mm. Due to the high-precision led printing, the printing speed can reach 12.7cm/s and the printing length can reach 304m. The patented pinch roll technology can well ensure the contact pressure and paper feeding accuracy during printing. And it has very good environmental protection

in addition to the above products and solutions, Oki also exhibited solutions for on-demand printing and web printing. Tetsuhei Kawamura, general manager of global marketing and sales of Oki company, said: we are very happy to show such a wide range of products and solutions on drupa 2008, which represents our strength in providing products for the global market. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity for us to fully demonstrate our innovative products and a solution for an enterprise to be subject to administrative punishment for meeting the professional needs of various markets around the world

in order to meet the needs of domestic digital printing, Oki company has formulated the promotion policy related to Oki color printing shop in China. The policy mentioned that all users who meet the conditions of Oki color printing shop can receive the relevant support provided by Oki company, such as store decoration, material support, technical training and preferential machine purchase, which makes Oki's excellent products and solutions in the world fully promoted and utilized in China

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