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The drug trafficking mother has obtained a guarantor five times in four years, and her companions still show off when they enter the detention center.

Wu Li is tall and wears a black down jacket. In court, she doesn't speak loudly and looks very ordinary. But it is such a seemingly ordinary woman, and it should be noted that the police have seized as much as 54 kilograms of various drugs related to her. When she was arrested for the last time, she had a large amount of drugs, mainly methamphetamine, in her suitcase and food box, totaling about 15 kg. Wu Li, who was born in 1980, was arrested for drug-related crimes at least 13 times and was released on bail five times in four years. The reason is that she has been pregnant and nursing. She had three children. When she was arrested, the youngest child was only seven months old

yesterday morning, the Nanjing Intermediate People's court held a court session to hear the case of Wu Li and others suspected of drug trafficking. What kind of punishment Wu Li, the "mother of drug trafficking", will receive, attracts people's attention. He Qian, a co suspect in the case, retracted her confession in court. Her explanation made people speechless. She said: "tearing the confession of the police was a lie for meritorious service. Everything the detention center said was just showing off."

"drug trafficking mother" has obtained five bail pending trial for more than four years

according to the prosecution, on March 2, 2015, Wu Li and he Qian (female) left Nanjing by car with the requirements of the EU market for goods packaging gradually increased, and went to Guangdong Province to buy drugs. The next day, they arrived in Puning City, Guangdong Province and stayed in the hotel. Zheng, a Cantonese, came to the hotel and agreed with Wu Li that methamphetamine (methamphetamine) was traded at 45000 yuan/kg and heroin at 470 yuan/g. On the morning of the 5th, Wuli and Heqian were caught by the public security organs when they took a long-distance bus with suitcases and food boxes containing drugs and got off at the Jiangning Fangshan service area of Nanjing Expressway

looking through Wu Li's files, we can see that she has a lot of bad deeds, all of which are related to drugs. Wu Li was sentenced to one year and three months in 2004, one year and six months in 2007 and 10 months in 2009 for drug trafficking. For more than four years since 2011, Wu Li has not stopped. The number of drugs involved in the case is increasing, from hundreds of grams to thousands of grams or tens of thousands of grams. However, during this period, Wu Li has not been sentenced again. The reason is that she has been pregnant and nursing. When Wu Li was arrested in march2015, she already had a 4-year-old son and two daughters. The youngest daughter was only 7 months old

over the past four years, Wu Li has been released on bail for five times by Jianye branch, Gulou Branch, former Baixia Branch, Qinhuai branch and Xuanwu branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau. Because according to the criminal procedure law, a woman who is pregnant or nursing her own baby can obtain a guarantor pending trial

in March, 2015, Wu Li knew that her case was about to open, but she still took the risk to drug again and fell again

after Wu Li's case was reported by the media, some people believed that Wu Li used the relevant laws and regulations to evade the legal attack by pregnancy and childbirth despite several times of drug trafficking, which was a loophole in the law. In an interview with the media, Wu Li's defense lawyer once said that he did not comment on the use of legal provisions to evade attacks. However, he said that Wu Li's experience is really thought-provoking. She came from a single parent family and was brought up by her mother. She has only a junior high school education. Early contact with society, went astray. At present, Wu Li's three children can only be taken care of by relatives and friends. She has a huge amount of drug trafficking and should be severely punished according to the law. However, considering her meritorious performance in reporting others and being the mother of three children, the court should consider this point when sentencing

direct attack in court

the suspect turned over his confession in court and claimed that he had made meritorious service and lied

in this huge number of drug trafficking and transportation cases, in addition to Wu Li, there was also a woman named Heqian

during the trial, he Qian almost completely retracted her previous confession

in response, he Qian said: "I lied because I was eager to perform meritorious service and was given a lighter punishment. I didn't know my family at all, nor did I know that this trip was' taking goods'."

according to the prosecution, during March last year, the defendants Wuli and he Qian "purchased" drugs from their homes in Guangdong, carrying up to 15 kg of drugs and taking a bus from Guangdong to Nanjing to prepare for trafficking

police investigation found that Wu Li and he Qian changed buses many times on their way back to Nanjing from Guangzhou. First, they got on a bus to Shantou, and then changed to a bus to Yancheng in a service area. After driving for a while, they switched to a Henan license bus at more than 4 a.m. When the car arrived near the Jiangning Fangshan service area in Nanjing, the police arrested them and seized nearly 15 kg of drugs from their suitcases and gift boxes

in the trial, he Qian overturned the contents of her previous confession in the public security organ, saying that she was only "eager to perform meritorious deeds". "When I was arraigned, I heard that a good performance and meritorious deeds could get a lighter punishment, so I lied that I knew my family in Guangdong. But in fact, I didn't know any drug traffickers at all. Wu Li proposed to go to Guangdong to 'get the goods' this time. I was cheated. I always thought I was going to see the goods with her." However, the evidence presented by the public prosecutor showed that the number that initially contacted her family was owned by he Qian, and she participated in the whole process

he Qian explained that Wu Li and her husband suspected that their were being monitored, so they borrowed her to contact their family. He Qian stressed that she was "cheated" by others. Wu Li told her that she went to Guangdong to see the goods, and did not mention the drug trafficking. As for what she said when she was in the detention center that "she and Wu Li were dragging a suitcase with more than 10000 yuan of cash to purchase goods", he Qian explained in court that it was just for showing off, not for real

yesterday's trial has not yet entered the stage of court debate, and will be held on another day. This time, the Jinling Evening News will continue to pay attention to how Wuli will be punished

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