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DSM antireflective coating helps improve solar energy conversion efficiency

, DSM of DSM group, a global company of life sciences and Materials Sciences "1 once we added graphene to the resin functional coating department, we recently announced that its KhepriCoat solar antireflection coating system has been further optimized. These improvements have been proved to have made a significant contribution to the first time in the world that polycrystalline silicon solar panels achieve 17% conversion efficiency.

the new world record for the conversion efficiency of this solar panel was officially announced in December 2009 by Norwegian polycrystalline silicon chip manufacturer R EC provides polycrystalline silicon, which is produced and assembled by the Dutch Energy Research Center (ECN). DSM provides glass with KhepriCoat solar antireflection coating for solar panels. In view of the excellent performance of KhepriCoat solar antireflection coating system, the demand for polymers in Europe will drop by 3% ~ 4% again this year The drop in demand for polymers also shows the changing market. Since 2009, LAN Energy Research Center has been cooperating with DSM. The cooperation between the two sides has finally broken through the 17% conversion efficiency of polysilicon solar panels

Remko goudappel, business director of DSM functional coatings, commented: "we are glad that these pioneers in the solar industry have recognized the added value of our KhepriCoat coating system in making solar energy a mainstream energy. We hope that this new milestone will accelerate the application of antireflective coatings in the rapidly growing solar market."

DSM's KhepriCoat solar antireflection coating system adopts a wetting or spraying process to coat a special coating on the surface of ultra white photovoltaic solar glass. Its unique nano single-layer structure increases the light transmittance of solar glass by about 4%, thus greatly improving the efficiency of solar cell modules. This coating system provides optimum light transmittance, durability and flexibility. A special research team within DSM is committed to a number of technological breakthroughs, which will greatly reduce the cost of solar systems while improving efficiency

khepricoat is the second commercial product of DSM functional coating to achieve the goal of automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of samples. This project focuses on the development of applications of DSM patented coating technology in many aspects. In addition to the KhepriCoat coating used for solar panels, DSM has launched a large number of basic research projects related to graphene supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Clary), i. e. frame glass, which makes the pictures in the frame clearer, enhances the color effect and reduces the light reflection. Claryl is currently listed and sold in 15 countries in Europe and the United States. In China, we are also actively looking for business partners for KhepriCoat coating system

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