The hottest drupa2012 inkjet printing is still a h

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Drupa 2012 inkjet printing is still a hot spot

Frank Romano, a professor of Rochester University of technology in the United States, said in an exclusive interview with drupareport that the digital printing solution will reach the production level of offset printing and occupy an important position in the future than scientists are studying using it as a filtering device. By 2020, offset printing will occupy only 30% ~ 40% of the market share

The development of color digital printing technology was slow from 1993 to 2000, but after the promotion rate reached about 20% in 2000, the equipment, market and application became mature, and the digital printing machine improved in speed, format, production capacity and printing quality. At present, the market share of digital printing in the world is about 15%

inkjet printing will be the hot spot of drupa 2012, and no other technology can attract as much attention as inkjet printing. Digital printing will play a leading role in the printing industry; The number of digital printing suppliers will be more than offset machine manufacturers; More especially due to the continuous progress of hardness tester manufacturing technology and new products coming from the old come from digital printing enterprises; More exhibition space will be occupied by digital printer suppliers. In the next few years, all kinds of digital printing enterprises will grow exponentially, from large format printing to document printing, from inkjet printing to toner printing

1. Oil drainage: Although there are e-books, iPads, iPhones and other electronic reading devices, printing is always essential. Business forms and encyclopedias will become electronic, but industrial printing such as packaging and promotional leaflets will grow

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