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Comfortable wardrobe, always standing quietly, seemingly in a corner, is actually indispensable. It is suitable and fashionable, emitting beautiful brilliance from the inside out. The comfortable wardrobe contains your clothes as well as your joys, sorrows and joys

living in a comfortable wardrobe, always standing quietly, seemingly in a corner, but actually indispensable. It is suitable and fashionable, emitting beautiful brilliance from the inside out. The comfortable wardrobe contains every piece of your clothes, as well as your joys, sorrows and joys

the shape is simple and magnificent

the pattern and craft glass in the middle of the sliding door integrate a sense of modern art and add a lot of fashion. Comfortable living wardrobe, adhering to the modern visual beauty and fashion taste, in the various wood color series developed by comfortable living, this is considered to be the classic among the classics. The light log color makes people feel more comfortable, and the shape is simple and atmospheric

good material, environmental protection and moisture resistance

comfortable living always puts environmental protection first. Density boards are made of E1 grade environmental protection base materials, multi-layer ecological boards are made of E0 grade environmental protection base materials, solid wood wardrobes are made of natural pure solid wood, and Dabao paint is used at the same time. Good materials not only protect the environment and health, but also have good moisture-proof effect, easy surface cleaning and scratch resistance

in line with international technology and ideas

comfortable living has always been leading the market in technology, in line with international technology and ideas, and is committed to building a first-class wardrobe. As early as 2003, we began to buy international advanced coating machines for the surface coating treatment of sliding door frames. In 2010, comfortable living comprehensively upgraded its original dust-proof system, innovatively added embedded wool tops around the door frame, and combined with the original magnetic suction and sliding door buffer system, it made the wardrobe have dust-proof function for the first time in the industry, with the leading technology of dry dust-proof in the north and damp heat and moisture-proof in the south. The sliding door accessories such as comfortable anti-collision strip and wool top fully adopt embedded technology, which truly achieves health and environmental protection, and also successfully solves the problem that the traditional adhesive is easy to fall off. Over the years, a number of technologies have been imitated by the industry

frame cabinet structure

comfortable aluminum frame shape is used in sliding doors, doors, drawers, sliding mirrors, bedside tables, dressing tables and other product parts, which is durable and meets many functional needs. In fact, the frame cabinet structure is adopted for the wood. The side plate and laminate of the cabinet are segmented into dimensions that meet the requirements of engineering mechanics, and the frame assembly is adopted to comprehensively balance the internal stress structure of the wood. The frame structure has a very obvious advantage, which is manifested in that when the north is dry and contracting and the south is wet and expanding, there are hidden expansion joints around the cabinet. The frame structure successfully solves the problem of wood wet expansion and dry shrinkage

make the details better

make the details better in every link, design and process of comfortable living wardrobe

magnetic suction sliding door. The combination of magnetic suction and buffer system of comfortable wardrobe makes the sliding door slide and close more smoothly, which can make the wardrobe door close more tightly and seal better; Moreover, the surface coating of the sliding door frame adopts imported environmental protection glue, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, no degumming and foaming. At the same time, it also adopts high-quality environmental protection PVC film, and the wood grain on the surface of PVC film is printed with imported ink, which is environmental protection, light resistance and no cracking

aluminum frame shape. The unique 45 degree corner cutting technology of comfortable living wardrobe and other unique processes are used together, so that the interface of comfortable living aluminum frame is tight and traceless, avoiding the weakness that the wood frame interface is easy to be affected by moisture, which will not crack, and at the same time, it is more beautiful and flat

European style top line and European style closing strip are used in comfortable living wardrobe, and polymer plastic steel material is used. Polymer material has certain flexibility, which can solve the gap caused by uneven wall when inserting the top line or closing strip, and achieve seamless interface with the wall

no matter men or women, the so-called high-quality life is to have their own ideals, good lovers, and a good wardrobe. Comfortable wardrobe is your wise choice




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