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There are also many Feng Shui taboos in house decoration that need our attention, because the quality of house decoration feng shui will directly affect the Feng Shui aura of the house, which will also have a negative impact on our luck and health; So in Feng Shui, what are the taboos of house Feng Shui decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

What are the taboos of Feng Shui decoration in houses

What are the taboos of Feng Shui decoration in the top ten houses

home decoration Feng Shui taboos I

if the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, you can pull the curtain for a long time as a barrier. Don't face the balcony directly when entering and leaving the gate, which forms the so-called "heart piercing". It is not easy to accumulate money at home, and there are many things to lose money. Solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and the balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (those who hit water taboo cannot put a fish tank, which can be replaced by a screen). It can be used as a balcony window to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing plants. It is also a feasible method to pull the curtain for a long time

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 2

the balcony cannot face the kitchen directly, which is also a kind of "heart piercing", which will weaken the reunion function of the home, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will be red apricot out of the wall, and the child will not be allowed to go home. Solution: make a flower rack full of climbing plants or place potted plants to isolate the inside and outside; Then you can make balcony sound, which is also a blocking method. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony should be pulled as far as possible or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it should not affect the action of the occupants, and it should be covered by a cabinet or screen. In short, it is not allowed to let the balcony go directly to the kitchen

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 3

if the couch is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its shock force. The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain. Solution: the couch and bed should not be placed under the beam or wrapped up with decoration, so that they are not exposed

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 4

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1 1234 the next page hits those who avoid water. You can't put a fish tank at home. It's not as recognized by the outside world. As long as you put a fish tank, you can gather money. Residents should be clear about the five elements, and those with special taboos should be avoided at home. Solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute. Five elements like fire, water, soil, wood, gold and fire

home decoration Feng Shui taboo V

the eaves of the canopy should be made into an arc and avoid arrow shape. The overhanging eaves of the balcony canopy cannot be arrow shaped, which is harmful to those who often go in and out of the balcony. Solution: do not make a cornice. If you must make a cornice, try to make an arc instead of a sharp shape

home decoration Feng Shui taboo VI

the stove should not be placed against the door of the back balcony or the kitchen door, which is harmful to the health of people who often eat at home. Solution: install a curtain on the door as a barrier

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 7

do not install open mirrors at home at will to avoid damaging the indoor magnetic field. Sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the interior likes to use a bright mirror for decoration, but it is best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field of the self-centered person in it disordered due to reflection. Solution: if you must install a mirror, it is also appropriate to install it on one wall. Don't install it on both sides, causing reflection. Or use home decoration cloth to make a curtain to cover it

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 8

plants with wide broad-leaved leaves should be planted at home, and sharp and thin leaves of cactus should be avoided, which is prone to verbal disputes. Plants at home should also be carefully selected. Don't plant plants with slender leaves, so the owner is easy to get into trouble. Ferns and kudzu vine plants had better not be planted. Such plants are shady. If they grow luxuriantly, it is easy to provoke "unclean" things in the home

solution: choose flowers with wide leaves or strong vitality

home decoration Feng Shui taboo nine

the location of the toilet is very important in home feng shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine equal parts, and the one in the middle is the "middle Palace" of the home, the location of the home toilet cannot be on the "middle Palace", that is, the so-called "toilet occupies the middle Palace", which is bad for the wealth and health of the family. Solution: if the construction company has placed the toilet in the middle palace, try to swap the washbasin with the toilet, or store water in the bathtub for a long time, which can be improved

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 10

in addition to the interior of the building, the decoration of the architectural appearance is also important. Someone made some protrusions on the roof, such as heads and other large objects. From the appearance, it seems that the house has tumors. This kind of exterior decoration with bad image should also be avoided in home feng shui

detailed explanation of the taboos of Feng Shui decoration of the house

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1 1234 next page 1. When the house is decorated, the toilet in the house must be paid special attention to, because the toilet belongs to a place in the house where sewage is discharged, and there is a lot of filth and Yin in it. If it goes on for a long time, it may cause the accumulation of filthy Qi and Yin Qi, which will have a great impact on the residents. Therefore, when decorating the toilet, it is best to open a window for the toilet. Because the toilet is easy to gather filthy gas and Yin gas, if there is a window, there will be light coming in, and it can also make the filthy gas and Yin gas of the toilet flow out of the window, which can reduce the impact on residents. In the toilet, the toilet also needs special attention to be placed. It is best to avoid the toilet facing the door of the toilet. Because the toilet is the place where the sewage is discharged, the toilet is a place where the family has a relatively large amount of filthy gas. If it is directly opposite to the toilet door, it may make the residents open the toilet door, which will make the filthy gas surround themselves. In the long run, it may reduce the health and fortune of the residents to varying degrees. It may also cause some bad situations, such as residents' money loss

second, when decorating the toilet, it is best to avoid facing the door of other rooms, especially the bedroom door. Because the toilet belongs to the place where the sewage is discharged in a family, if the toilet door is directly opposite to the bedroom door, the filthy gas in the toilet may enter the bedroom for a long time, which may cause the fate of the bedroom residents to be relatively disturbed. Residents may feel that they are often unlucky and have trouble working, etc. In terms of health, the impact will be relatively large, but in terms of financial luck, it has a very large impact. It may reduce the financial fortunes of residents rapidly, resulting in the occurrence of money loss

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people who believe in Feng Shui need Feng Shui of fortune. Here are some top secret skills of Feng Shui of fortune in the year of the monkey in 2016. Only six tricks are needed, which will definitely make your money roll. Let's have a look

five element energy makes money

at the 45 degree diagonal position of the door of the living room of the house, it is the so-called "Mingcai position". The furnishings and lighting here are very important. Since it is called "mingcaiwei", it needs to be kept clean and bright in order to keep the wealth trickling down and the wealth rolling in; Generally speaking, if mingcaiwei is full of sundries or messy, the owner's own financial management ability will be relatively weak, so in addition to keeping it bright and clean, it's best to place mascots symbolizing wealth here, which can strengthen the aura of your home, make you rich in happiness, wealth and popularity, bring an endless stream of wealth, and make your wealth prosperous and smooth

jade seal brings fortune

if you want to prosper your career and make money in the new year, you might as well carve yourself a lucky seal. Managing the official seal has the symbol of being in charge of power, which also means that you can have a place in your work, so that your money can be more smooth. When choosing the seal material, it is recommended to choose natural jade, which has a more obvious effect of luck and wealth. At the same time, it also symbolizes precious jade wealth. Often used, it can activate the source of wealth, absorb wealth, and collect it in the seal box after use, which can be collected in the effect of guarding the Treasury, so that money can gather and live forever

? Auspicious paintings connect wealth

many people like to hang some pictures on their walls to increase their beauty. However, in addition to the pleasing function of the pictures, in fact, "auspicious paintings" play an indispensable role in China's home geomancy. Hanging auspicious paintings in the porch, living room or residence of the six evil spirits, which are the directions of poor wealth and being framed and ruined by others, requires more positive energy like the sun, It can enhance the prosperity of the whole family, attract distinguished guests to come to the door, near you and far away from disaster, and the future is at its peak, with a bright future

Fulu's fortune has arrived

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