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(high quality home decoration - Cartier doors and windows) for you, is it OK to wipe the doors and windows clean? The maintenance of doors and windows is not just routine cleaning and maintenance! Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain doors and windows

first, troubleshooting

when aluminum alloy doors and windows are in use, the action should be as light as possible to open and close, and do not use too much force. When doors and windows are opened, obstacles should be eliminated first

second, cleaning methods

often scrub aluminum alloy doors and windows to keep the surface clean and free from pollution and corrosion. Try to choose soft gauze or cotton yarn when scrubbing to avoid scratching the surface of doors and windows. When scrubbing aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is best to remove the windows, which can be wiped clean and ensure safety

third, anti-corrosion

try to avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals contacting the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows. When there are stains and dirt, you can use a soft cloth dipped in clean water or neutral detergent to clean, so as to prevent the doors and windows from corrosion

fourth, accessories maintenance

always check all kinds of hardware accessories of doors and windows, and repair or replace them in time if any damage is found, so as to keep the opening and closing of doors and windows easy and flexible

the doors and windows are well maintained, so that your home will always be warm and bright! High quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows take care of your home

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