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Shen Guannan, a reporter from China, reported that in mid January 2018, China paid attention to the case that many owners complained about the leakage of houses in mantingchun MoMA community in Qingshanhu District, Nanchang. Less than a month later, the owners of this community dialed the complaint hotline of this website

the owner who complained was surnamed Liu. In 2011, she bought room 602, unit 1, building 17, mantingchun in the name of her brother. However, since neither of her subsequent siblings lived in Nanchang, she entrusted the unfinished blank house to the community property, told the property to help take care of it, and she paid the property fee on time every year. By the end of last year, this situation had lasted for nearly seven years, during which the number of visits of Ms. Liu and her family to the community was very few

but who would have thought that when Ms. Liu came to the community to see the house last November, she was stunned by the scene in the house - the bathroom was leaking, the smoke pipe was cracked, and there were more than 10 cracks on the wall. The longest one was more than 2 meters from the ceiling to the floor. She immediately reported it to the property and developers of the community and asked for maintenance, but was told that the maintenance period had expired and the property and developers would no longer repair it


the bathroom leaks. A crack on the wall of the flue is more than 2 meters long.

on the morning of February 6, a reporter from China saw at the scene that there are obvious signs of leakage at the top of the water pipe in the bathroom of this blank room. In addition, in the room on the left side of the house, the kitchen and the balcony, you can see a trace of obvious cracks "crawling" on the wall, roughly more than 10 places, of which the short one is more than 10 cm, The most serious part occurred on the wall at the flue. A crack spread downward from the ceiling, deepened at the corner, and stopped dozens of centimeters away from the floor. It is expected to be more than 2 meters long. In addition, there are other cracks in the flue

Ms. Liu, the complainant, told the reporter that she bought the house in the name of her brother and closed it in 2011, but in 2012, her brother and his family moved to Fujian, and she herself did not live in the urban area of Nanchang. Therefore, the decoration of the new house was put on hold. "At that time, I gave the key to the community property and told them to help take care of the house. If there was a problem with the house, I or my brother should be notified in time. But for so many years, the property only reminded me to pay the property fee every year. As for the information of water leakage and cracks, I never mentioned it, and I only came to the community once or twice when paying the property fee, and most of the time I paid by mobile phone. That is, last November, I wanted to pay this house After the decoration, I found that the problem was so serious! " Ms. Liu told reporters that over the years, her family has been paying property fees on time and in accordance with the number, and has never defaulted

it was reported in 2011, but cracks also appeared in the repaired parts of the wall.

at the scene, the reporter found that there were many repair and painting marks on the wall of the house, but even so, cracks also appeared in these repaired parts

in this regard, Ms. Liu said that as early as 2011, when she closed the house, she found cracks in the wall. At that time, she told the property that the property subsequently replied that it had repaired the wall with cement, but "it seems that it was not repaired", she bluntly said

the reporter learned that after Ms. Liu found the housing problem in November last year, she immediately gave feedback to the community property and developers and asked them to deal with it, but the property told her that the maintenance period of the house had expired, and the property and developers were no longer responsible for maintenance

property: the maintenance period has expired, and some cracks are normal

then, the reporter came to the community property company with Ms. Liu

Chen Junhong, manager of the customer service department, told reporters that Ms. Liu's housing maintenance period had expired in September 2016, and the main problems reflected by her at present, such as water leakage in the toilet sewer, flue, cracks in the kitchen wall, etc., were not reported for repair within the warranty period. Therefore, according to the contract, the developer will no longer bear the responsibility for maintenance. Subsequently, in a maintenance order recently issued by the developer, the reporter also saw the statement that "because the warranty period has expired, the developer will no longer repair, and it is recommended to withdraw the maintenance fund"





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