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Solvay specialty polymers, the world's leading high-performance polymer supplier, held a ceremony in Changshu, Jiangsu today to celebrate the completion and operation of its new fluororubber (FKM) plant. More than 120 guests, including local government leaders, customer representatives, partners and media friends, attended the event and jointly witnessed another milestone in the history of Solvay's business development in China

ribbon cutting of the inauguration ceremony of the fluororubber Changshu factory of Solvay project

the factory is located in Changshu new material industrial park, Jiangsu Province. It is the third fluororubber production base of Solvay polymer in the world. It will benefit from the existing operation and infrastructure of Solvay in Changshu

Solvay will provide its tecnoflon brand fluororubber material to the target market based on this factory in Changshu. This material has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, can withstand high temperatures of more than 250 ° C, and is easy to operate in various molding technologies. Its typical end products include gaskets, oil seals, hoses and cables used for sealing in the rapidly developing automotive, industrial, oil and natural gas fields

"this investment is an important step for Solvay paper packaging to occupy an important position in daily life, consolidate its market position in China and serve local customers with stronger product supply capacity." Dr. duzhizhong, President and executive vice president of the Asia Pacific region of Solvay polymers global business unit, commented on this, "We are very pleased to see the successful completion and operation of this world leading factory. As one of the important measures of our continuous strategic expansion in the Asia Pacific region, it will ensure that Solvay can provide high-quality products and solutions for the rapidly developing application market, and better meet the diversified needs of special polymer extensometer Mobile arm force-bearing time compounds in automotive and other high-end application fields. It will also further help our Customers should strengthen their local operation ability and enhance their competitive advantage in their respective markets. "

in addition, Solvay is currently building a solef polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) production line in Changshu plant, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2017. The total investment of this construction and the fluororubber (FKM) plant project completed this time is 142million euros. In addition to fluororubber, Solvay also produces complex electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines based on its special polymer resin in Changshu factory, which are often composite materials for high load operation

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