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How to reduce the production cost of cartons solution

for any ink "> it is the hope of every entrepreneur to reduce the cost as much as possible for carton enterprises. Because the cost is reduced, they can have an advantage in competition, which means making more money. So how can the carton production industry reduce the production cost of cartons? In fact, through the transformation of equipment, the production cost of cartons can be effectively reduced.

it is understood that at present, only 5% of carton production enterprises in China can obtain high profits, for most carton production For enterprises, the biggest problem is how to win more orders and earn profits by quantity, which leads to an environment in which the focus of our city's industrial development is how to compete on the basis of existing production capacity in order to grab orders. In fact, carton manufacturers can make considerable profits by effectively controlling and reducing production costs, which is more practical than getting a large number of orders

generally speaking, carton manufacturing enterprises can work from the aspects of raw materials, equipment, personnel management, etc. in order to reduce the weight of base paper in terms of the compressive strength of cartons, but there are still some problems in China at present; In terms of personnel management, it is also a thorny problem in China's packaging market, which needs a long time to hone; Therefore, at present, the most affordable, simple and feasible method for carton production enterprises is to effectively reduce costs through equipment transformation

in recent years, a trend of equipment transformation has emerged in the market. The main transformation technologies include: the transformation of piston steam recovery machine, the transformation of hot plate pressure plate, the transformation of paste machine contact pressure bar, the transformation of self expanding collet, and so on. The transformation of these aspects can help carton manufacturers save energy and reduce losses to a certain extent. This is also the effect that most carton manufacturers hope to see at present. In particular, the piston type steam return does not allow the virus to make a comeback. The transformation of the harvester and the hot plate pressure plate has the most obvious effect, which has attracted the attention of the industry

principle and characteristics of piston steam recovery machine

efficiently press the high-temperature condensate and flash steam with high enthalpy discharged from each drying cylinder directly into the boiler at high temperature in a closed-circuit way, so as to speed up the heat exchange and improve the heat exchange rate of steam equipment. Increase output, stabilize water content, and reduce boiler coal consumption and combustion load

the piston type steam recovery machine makes full use of the principle of different compression forms of steam and water, and adopts mechanical pressurization. The waste steam and high-temperature condensate discharged by the steam equipment do not need to be added with an electromagnetic valve system. The waste steam and high-temperature condensate are flooded in the pipeline through steam back pressure, compressed in the form of high-temperature steam and water mixture, and the metal wires such as latent heat copper wire, aluminum wire and steel wire are brought with steam, and the water with steam is directly pressed into the boiler drum, The closed-circuit circulation system of steam production and steam recovery is formed, which improves the effective heat utilization rate of steam, reduces the boiler consumption, power consumption, salt consumption and saves a lot of soft water, and the direct energy-saving benefit is as high as 25%; The recovery rate of high temperature condensate is 90%. (national first-class energy conservation assessment standard 80%); The boiler combustion load decreases by 15%. Effectively ensure boiler steam pressure; It saves 1/3 of the investment compared with other recovery methods. New materials with high temperature resistance and wear resistance are adopted, and the oil-free and wear-resistant effect is very satisfactory. The main parts are treated with high technology, and the high-temperature water and steam are recycled. There is absolutely no oil. The unique internal tension sealing structure has good sealing performance, stability and reliability, extremely low operation cost and simple maintenance. Without automatic instrument control, it is not easy to fail. Because the equipment does not belong to pressure vessels, there is no need for annual inspection, which can also avoid the occurrence of boiler water shortage accidents and play a certain protective role

investment and effect of the transformation of piston type steam recovery machine

for the manufacturers that currently use multi-stage pumps to recover condensate, the transformation of piston type steam recovery machine can directly use the original recovery pipeline, directly install the piston type steam recovery machine in the pipeline after passing through the steam trap from the production equipment, try to be near the production equipment, and then close the original recovery pipeline to the boiler section, directly connect to the boiler, without passing through the pool, Thus, a closed circulating pipeline is formed to achieve the purpose of recovering steam and water. Therefore, it is only necessary to increase the investment in a mutual fusion machine for mixing agent and powder and an air storage tank after piston steam recovery. The specific cost is subject to the market price. For the current direct emission manufacturers, it is also necessary to increase the pipeline investment from production equipment to boilers. After the transformation, the following effects can usually be achieved:

■ save energy by more than 15%, and the cost recovery is fast

■ reduce environmental pollution

■ reduce the combustion load of the boiler and improve the steam temperature of the production equipment

■ if you need to increase boiler manufacturers, you can also reduce boiler investment

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