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Solvay radel PPSU materials help large-scale surgical instruments

legacy medical solutions company is still only a new "10 something" material company. The unique disinfection tray size of the company is 59.7cm long, 38.1cm wide and 14.2 cm high. It is composed of Solvay radel PPSU heated transparent cover and opaque chassis fixed with metal clamping device

reduce weight by 50%

the transparent cover is designed to facilitate viewing the inside of the tray, while the chassis weight is 50% less than the finished product made of traditional anodized aluminum material, and has larger disinfection and ventilation holes

in addition, the disinfection tray made of Solvay radel PPSU resin has excellent impact resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance

suitable for various disinfection methods

more importantly, this material can be suitable for various disinfection methods, including high-pressure sterilization. Even if it is disinfected at a temperature of 138C (280f) for a long time, its appearance can always maintain excellent toughness and beauty

"the disinfection tray needs to withstand hundreds of high-pressure sterilization cycles in an environment containing strong alkaline detergent," said Joel S. Hughes, President of legacy medical solutions, "The traditional anodized aluminum pallet will fade as long as it is disinfected with a strong alkaline detergent cycle, while the pallet made of radel sheet extruder and mold manufacturer estimates that the increased punching force may reach 20% PPSU. Due to the chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of the material, it can have a lasting and brand-new appearance.

support customization

lega cuilixin said that CY medical solutions selects the radel PPSU material of Solvay, and Because of its high-performance medical grade polymer, it can support customized design and production of products. By adding innovative brackets, on the other hand, multiple plug-in disks can be built in, and the number of disinfection verification can be reduced. In addition, radel PPSU resin has various transparent and opaque colors to choose from, which can further realize product customization and support brand building of different customers

"Solvay is committed to developing innovative products, cooperating with many industry-leading enterprises such as legacy medical solutions and providing technical support," said Dane waund, global medical market manager of Solvay polymers division, "The application of Solvay radel PPSU resin in large-scale disinfection trays shows great advantages in improving product design, compatible with diversified production processes, providing stable and excellent performance, and extending service life."

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