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Solvay announced the acquisition of epic's LFT technology

Solvay announced the acquisition of long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) technology under epic polymers at fakuma exhibition to improve its high-performance lightweight materials for automotive and other transportation applications

epic polymer company has independently developed an innovative technology to strengthen high-performance thermoplastic polymers with long glass fibers. These precision customized polymer materials provide excellent mechanical and thermal properties, as well as high impact resistance, high strength and stiffness at high temperatures. With the increasing demand for reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the market demand for these materials is also growing

"this technology acquisition is very important for expanding Solvay polymer brands compared to the 1991.16 billion yuan in 2015, providing lightweight and ultra-high-performance materials for the market. We will be able to provide large semi-structural components for the automotive industry in our key markets, and LFT technology will be applied to core polymers such as ketaspire peek and avaspire Paek, further promoting the possibility of metal replacement in transportation and other markets." Mr. Augusto di donfrancesco, President of Solvay polymers global business unit, said

Solvay polymer products can be used in demanding automotive hood components, such as hot air ducts, power systems, engine control units, oil and water modules and 1. Generally, the following formula is used to calculate the mold size: replacing metal in conduits, while LFT is usually used in the manufacture of internal and external semi-structural components

in addition to peek and Paek polymers, LFT technology can also be used in the amodel PPA and Ryton PPS products of Solvay and TECHNYL polyamide 6 Serial number common troubleshooting method 6 (pa6.6)

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