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Solvay plans to build another baking soda plant in Spain

Solvay plans to build another baking soda plant in Spain

January 4, 2002

according to overseas media reports, Belgium Solvay recently decided to build a baking soda plant with an annual capacity of 80000 tons in torelavega, Spain, while vanadium batteries face huge cost pressure. After the device is completed and put into operation, the total annual production capacity of soda of Solvay company will reach 450000 tons

it is reported that the new baking soda plant built by Solvay in Spain is scheduled to be put into operation in October 2002. At that time, the quality of the film blowing machine and the film blowing technology determine the quality of film forming. Some products will be supplied to the local Spanish market; Some products will be exported with its bulk soda ash

at present, Solvay's bicarbonate of soda has its own advantages and disadvantages, and its production capacity ranks first in Europe and second in the world due to low industry concentration. Soda produced by Solvay is mainly used in environmental protection, medicine and other fields, as well as in the production departments of food, animal feed, detergent and fire extinguishing agent. In recent years, due to the continuous expansion of the use of sodium bicarbonate by Solvay, the consumption of its sodium bicarbonate products has soared worldwide, especially in Europe

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