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Development status of high-speed seam automatic packaging machine at home and abroad

seam automatic packaging machine (also known as horizontal pillow packaging machine), which was originally developed by the United States in the 1950s. Later, it was developed in Japan, and in the 1960s and 1970s, with the rapid economic development of Japan, the technical performance has made considerable progress

in the early 1980s, China introduced a large number of seam automatic packaging machines and produced its own products. Represented by Riqing brand, it is mainly used for the production line of instant noodles. In the 1990s, this model began to be widely used to pack candy, biscuits and other blocky items, and various similar packaging machines were derived at the same time. With the application of mechatronics, high-speed seam automatic packaging is also developing and innovating in the direction of high-speed automatic modularization

nowadays, the high-speed seam type automatic packaging machine developed abroad has become extremely humanized: high-speed, energy-saving, fully automatic, modular

in terms of the development of high-speed seam type automatic packaging at home and abroad, it is mainly carried out from the following points:

(1) continuously expand the horizontal error in the vertical and horizontal directions of its host workbench, which should not exceed 0.2/1000; General ability to meet the packaging of many varieties and different batches of products

(2) high speed full-automatic, equipped with microcomputer control system, with the help of pre stored industry programs to control multiple servo motors and drive relevant actuators respectively

(3) parameterized adjustment and setting. By properly adjusting the relevant working parameters of the main operating parts (supply and delivery, the following is the type of tensile testing machine usually done for reference only: bag forming, traction, sealing and cutting, etc.), it can meet the packaging of different varieties and sizes in a wide range of sizes

(4) modular structure design, which is relatively independent and can be combined freely for the main components such as feeding, traction, sealing and cutting, so as to meet the requirements of horizontal and vertical combined packaging machines

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