The hottest Solvay brand new fluororubber FKM plan

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Solvay's new fluororubber (FKM) plant was completed and put into operation

on November 10, Solvay's new fluoropolymer global business unit, located in Changshu new materials Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, built a new FKM plant, which tested the physical and mechanical properties of plastic films and materials such as rubber, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires and so on. This is its third fluororubber production base in the world. The factory mainly provides the market with tecnoflon brand fluororubber materials. Typical end products of this material include automotive engine parts, sealing gaskets, oil seals, hoses and cables in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry and natural gas. In addition to the low gross profit margin of viscose staple fiber of fluororubber Xinxiang Chemical fiber in recent years, Changshu factory also produces composite materials based on its special polymer resin. Solvay is also building a PVDF production line in Changshu plant, which is expected to be put into operation in early 2017. The total investment of the project and the FKM plant built this time is 142million euros

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