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Solvay's innovative vinyl composites have been successfully launched

after six years of careful research and development, the innovative vinyl composites of Belgium Solvay group have finally been successfully launched. Since the beginning of this year, the material production technology has been promoted in Europe. At present, Solvay is looking for relevant partners to jointly promote the production technology of long fiber vinyl composites to the North American market

Solvay's new long fiber B products meet the relevant requirements of tensile stress relaxation test of steel at room temperature in the standards of gb/t 10120 (1) 996 metal stress relaxation test method and ASTM E328 (2) 008 material and structure stress relaxation test method. Vinyl composites mainly include fibrovin and autoflex

fibrovin composite is produced by mixing long glass fiber and PVC powder. It has good flame retardancy and strong impact resistance

autof aluminum cable still has the creep problem. Lax composites are made of flax or hemp fiber through special processing. The new composite material has light weight and excellent heat and sound insulation performance

Solvay said that due to their remarkable performance, these new long fiber vinyl composites will be widely used in the fields of automobile, ship manufacturing and construction production

Clermont tonnerre, manager of Solvay's market development department, said: "vinyl is an important raw material for phthalate additives. Therefore, when people mention vinyl, they immediately think of additives. However, long fiber vinyl composites do not contain any additives, so they can be used safely."

at present, the pilot production project of Solvay long fiber vinyl composites is in full swing in its factories in Brussels and Belgium. The company is also negotiating with its European partners on the project of mass production of new composite materials

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