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Tsinghua Tongfang RFID storage management system solution

with the application of the latest scientific and technological product, radio frequency electronic tags, the above problems can be fundamentally solved. Based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and according to the actual situation and needs of warehousing management, Tsinghua Tongfang developed RFID warehousing management system

with the increasingly fierce market competition, improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs are very important for enterprises, with good wear resistance and other good characteristics. Warehousing management is widely used in various industries. Designing and establishing a complete set of warehousing management processes, improving warehousing turnover, reducing the occupation of working capital, turning frozen assets into cash, and reducing the costs caused by warehousing obsolescence are important links for enterprises to improve production efficiency. At present, warehouse management systems usually use barcode labels or manual warehouse management documents to support their own warehouse management. However, the bar code is easy to copy, does not prevent contamination, does not prevent adjustment, or increases or decreases the moisture of the pad iron under its base, and the tedious manual writing of documents is easy to cause human losses, which makes the current domestic warehouse management always have defects

with the application of the latest scientific and technological product, radio frequency electronic tags, the above problems can be fundamentally solved. Based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and according to the actual situation and needs of warehousing management, Tsinghua Tongfang developed RFID warehousing management system. In the application of this system, the electronic label is sealed into a card shape, pasted on the package or pallet of each goods, and the specific information of the goods, storage location and other information are written in the label. At the same time, when the goods enter and leave the warehouse, the details of the sender can be written, and fixed or portable card readers can be set up in the warehouse and each distribution pipeline to identify and detect the flow of goods

system structure

rfid warehouse management system is composed of business management software, RFID tag issuance system and RFID tag identification and collection system. These systems are interconnected to complete each process of item management. The background database management system is the core of the whole system, and RFID identification and collection is the basis and means to realize the management function

the background management software is composed of central data server and management terminal, which is the data center of the system. Be responsible for communicating with the handset, converting and inserting the data uploaded by the handset into the database of the background business warehouse management system, and centrally storing and processing the label management information, issued labels and collected label information

rfid tag issuance system is composed of a special printer for electronic tags and tag production management software, which is responsible for writing the information of warehouse location tags, article tags, box tags and printing the information on the tag surface

the special printer for electronic labels adopts an industrial heat transfer printer with an embedded non-contact reader and writer, which can print preset content information on the label surface while writing information on the label chip. The core of the label making management software is the label making function dynamic link library, which is embedded in the background system and provides the development interface function of operating the printer to make labels for the background warehouse management system. Based on the dynamic library, an independent label making software is also provided, which can manually input label data for temporary label making

rfid tag identification and collection system can collect tag information through handheld or fixed position terminal, complete the storage of tag data, and exchange data with the management center through RFID middleware

system function

this system uses electronic tags to mark and manage each object that needs to be managed within its management cycle. Managers can use this system to understand and control the nature, status, location, historical changes and other information of each managed object (object) in real time, and take corresponding management countermeasures and measures according to these information, so as to improve the operation level and management quality of the user unit. It can be widely used in the storage management of enterprises and institutions in the military, railway, medical and health, tobacco, telecommunications and other industries

according to the requirements, the system includes several modules: system management, label making, warehousing management, outbound management, inventory management, transfer management, return and replacement management, report analysis, terminal data acquisition program

system management: system settings, system user information and permissions

label making: generate the electronic label of each item according to the goods information entered in the warehousing order and label making application form, print the label serial number, product name, model and specification on the label surface, and record the detailed information of the product in the chip

warehousing management: when warehousing, the warehouse keeper counts and checks each item according to the order list, and delivers it to the warehouse keeper after passing the inspection. The warehouseman holds the handset to scan the shelf location label and the label on the warehoused items, input the number of items for warehousing registration, record the data in the warehousing operation data sheet in the handset, and then place the items on the designated warehouse location

if you need to put items into the packaging box for storage, you also need to scan the box label to update the list of boxes in the handset

after all items are warehoused, hand over the handset to the administrator, who will import the warehousing data into the background management database to complete the warehousing operation

after this process, the location, quantity, specification and model of each item in the warehouse can be found at a glance in the warehouse management software, realizing the visualization of storage status

issue management: during issue, the warehouse administrator queries the storage status according to the picking application, and then makes a pre issue doc; The storekeeper takes out the articles in the designated warehouse location according to the pre delivery order, scans the warehouse location label and article label with the handheld machine, registers the delivery information, and records the data in the handheld machine delivery data sheet; After all outbound items are taken out, the outbound information is uploaded to the host, compared with the pre outbound order, and posted according to the actual quantity

inventory management: use the handheld data acquisition terminal to collect data, such as item labels, shelves, quantity of items, etc. The system can automatically generate or manually select the inventory task table according to the preset product classification, and carry out the inventory counting operation. The inventory counting operation mainly scans the product label and the corresponding warehouse location information. After the data is uploaded, the system will automatically list the products that have been loaded and the products that have not been loaded, and conduct inventory gain, inventory loss and other operations according to the demand

transfer management: when a transfer occurs, different transfer processes are selected according to the transfer situation

return and replacement management: when a customer returns goods, you can query whether the product belongs to this customer, sales time and other information by reading the product label, and it is convenient to query the current sales information for effective supervision and management. For products that need to be returned after confirmation, the handset will write the current time into the return time field in the tag when reading the tag

report analysis: carry out statistical analysis on the data of the system and generate relevant reports

system features

1. Combining the whole warehouse management with RFID technology, it can efficiently complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, and enhance efficiency and value

2. Improve the identification rate of items in and out of the warehouse, do not open the box for inspection, and identify multiple items at the same time, so as to improve the efficiency of in and out of the warehouse

3. Reducing the inventory cycle, improving the real-time performance of data, and mastering the inventory situation in real time and dynamically have attracted the attention of aerospace, ordnance industry, new energy vehicles and other enterprises to realize the visual management of inventory items

4. Using RF technology can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the picking and distribution process, speed up the distribution, reduce labor and reduce the distribution cost

5. Accurately grasp the material situation and optimize the reasonable inventory

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