Processing technology of spiced peanut kernel in t

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Processing technology of soft packed spiced peanut kernel

peanut is rich in fat and protein. The nutritional value of peanut protein is similar to that of animal protein. Its protein content is higher than that of milk, pork and eggs, and it does not contain cholesterol. Its nutritional value is second only to soybean protein in the quality of plant protein laboratory personnel who often have to operate around the site for inspection or testing. Peanuts play an important role in human food. Spiced peanut kernels are a strategic focus for people to eat peanuts. 1. Traditional methods have always been focused on the development of high-quality plastic products, but cooking spiced peanut kernels at home is troublesome and difficult to store. Soft packed spiced peanut is a kind of convenient food with unique flavor, storage resistance, portability and ready to eat in open bags

1. Formula anise 0.2%, Zanthoxylum bungeanum 0.1%, cinnamon 0.1%, ginger 0.1%, salt 3%, soy sauce 1%, monosodium glutamate 0.4%, sugar 1%

II. Process flow peanut kernel → selection → cleaning → scalding → pickling → bagging and sealing → sterilization → cooling → thermal insulation → inspection in today's rapid development of the construction industry → finished products

III. key points of operation 1. Raw materials: fresh peanut kernels are required to be selected, without mildew and impurities. 2. Scalding: pour the washed peanut kernels into boiling water and scald for 3 minutes. 3. Marinate: put the seasoning into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil into seasoning liquid, put in peanut kernel, and marinate for hours. 4. Bagging and sealing: measure and pack the pickled peanut kernels according to the specifications, and seal them with a vacuum packaging machine after bagging. The sealing conditions are: vacuum degree 0.09 MPa, heat sealing voltage 30 kV. 5. Sterilization: put the bagged and sealed peanut kernel into a high-pressure sterilization pot for sterilization. The sterilization condition is 121 ℃, 30 minutes

IV. product quality standard 1. Sensory indicators: color and flavor: it has the unique color and flavor of spiced peanut, and the taste is suitable; Tissue morphology: peanut kernel particles are complete without broken petals. 2. Physical and chemical indicators: solid ≥ 90%; Specification: 200g/bag or 500g/bag; Lead (calculated by Pb) ≤ 0.5ppm, copper (calculated by Cu metal packaging materials: Tinplate aluminum foil, barrel hoop, steel belt, packaging buckle, Blister aluminum, PTP aluminum foil, aluminum plate, steel buckle) ≤ 10.0ppm. 3. Microbiological index: meet the commercial sterility standard

author/Wu Jie, Anhui Bengbu College

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