Analysis of domestic plastic market on September 1

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Analysis and forecast of domestic plastic market on September 14th, 2017

core tip: the maintenance devices in the early stage of petrochemical industry have been started one after another, while the number of new maintenance devices is relatively small, and the supply of goods has increased. In particular, the focus of PetroChina and Sinopec's ex factory price hike is unstable, the cost side is good, and the support is not strong, which is difficult to stimulate buyers' enthusiasm to buy. The market pays attention to the terminal receiving situation

analysis and forecast of domestic plastic market on September 14, 2017

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:44):49.23 down 0.07

● international oil prices rose on the 13th

international oil prices rose on the 13th, New York October crude oil futures rose $1.07 to $49.3 per barrel, Brent crude oil futures rose $0.89 to $55.16 per barrel

[today's news]

● Sinopec successfully produced radiation resistant medical polypropylene materials

"Sinopec successfully developed radiation resistant medical polypropylene material ga260r, becoming the first petrochemical enterprise in Asia to successfully produce radiation resistant medical polypropylene materials." At the 2017 Symposium on medical syringe materials and processing technology held on September 8, Sinopec announced. The syringes made of traditional polypropylene materials can only be sterilized with ethylene oxide, which not only causes the pollution of the environment caused by the waste liquid of ethylene oxide, but also brings certain damage to human health caused by the residual ethylene oxide on the syringe, and the sample with a length of about 100mm from the heat sealing part is harmful. Ga260r, which can withstand gamma ray irradiation for disinfection and sterilization, has successfully solved the problem that these two fatigue testing machines mainly test the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products

● the toy export industry of banning plasticizers in children's products is facing a test

according to the latest news of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the CPSC will recently determine the final rules on restricting the immature use of some plasticizers in children's products, and will vote on October 18, 2017. The new regulations to be voted on this time are mainly based on the special investigation report issued by CPSC in 2014 and the draft regulations formulated based on the report. If the final rules are consistent with the proposal, the number of plasticizers in toys and children's care products in the United States that implement a mandatory permanent ban will be increased from the existing 3 to 8, and the severity will increase significantly. Export enterprises need to pay close attention

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Guangzhou Petrochemical full density unit first-line production 7042, second-line production 2001

● PP Petrochemical trends: the input of Shenhua Ningmei production service industry accounts for 20% of the total manufacturing output ⑵ 5% PP plant first-line production of 1102k, second-line production of 1102k, third-line production of 1100n, fourth line production of 1100n. The phase II 600000 T/a PP new device also successfully produced qualified polypropylene yesterday. The first-line production of this device is h7042, and the second-line production is 1102k

● PVC Petrochemical trends: Heilongjiang Haohua PVC plant started normally, and the quotation was increased by 50 yuan/ton. At present, calcium carbide method type 5 material is delivered at 7600 yuan/ton for acceptance, and the export sales are 50 yuan/ton lower

● PS Petrochemical News: Zhenjiang Qimei PS has a stable listing and offer, with pg33 reporting 13000 yuan/ton and pg383 reporting 13000 yuan/ton; Ph88 is quoted at 14100 yuan/ton, ph888g is quoted at 14200 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction discount is 300 yuan/ton. The recent shipment is average, and the inventory is not high

● ABS Petrochemical trends: Liaotong chemical (formerly Panjin Ethylene) ABS quoted a stable price of 15150 yuan/ton for 275 and 16350 yuan/ton for 8434a, with slightly lower contract prices in various regions

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of polyester bottle chips in Sanfangxiang is reduced by 100 yuan/ton, the quotation of water bottle grade, oil bottle grade and hot filling is 8100 yuan/ton, and the price of carbonation grade is 100 yuan/ton, which is negotiated based on the actual document quantity

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● early evaluation of PE: yesterday, the market price rose or fell slightly, the linear futures opened high and fluctuated downward, which hit the market trading, the merchants sold goods at a small margin, the terminal demand was weak, and the replenishment of positions was just needed. Market reference: Chongqing market quotation is sorted out, Maoming 2426h is reported at 11250 yuan/ton; Zhengzhou market was sorted out in a narrow range, and Zhongyuan 7050 was reported at 9900 yuan/ton; Shantou market offers strong, Fu Lian 7042 tax-free 9450 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market price will be mainly sorted out

● PP morning review: yesterday, the market price stabilized mainly, some rose or fell slightly, and the decline of polypropylene futures hit the trading. The branches of PetroChina and Sinopec maintained the stability of ex factory prices, supporting the cost of goods supply. Traders mainly shipped goods in line with the market. Downstream factories were watching carefully, purchasing raw materials on demand, and making a deal. Market price reference: Linyi market quotation rose slightly, Shenhua Yulin S1003 was reported at 9050 yuan/ton, Hangzhou market was sorted out in a narrow range. Sanjin T30S reported 9200 yuan/ton, while Chongqing market prices rose, and Sichuan l5e89 reported 9100 yuan/ton

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