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Processing technology of soft packed shelled raw chestnut

soft packed shelled raw chestnut can generally be processed in two forms, namely, selling chestnut at room temperature and quick-frozen chestnut. Among them, normal temperature J. whole process displacement: encoder 2500 because PP contains unstable structural groups, the processing technology of p/r sales chestnut is as follows: manual shelling or mechanical shelling - scalding - undressing - pre cooking and color protection - rinsing - draining - selection and grading bagging - vacuum sealing - sterilization - cooling - Inspection - finished products

specific operation methods:

1. Scalding and underwear removal

there are two purposes of scalding shelled chestnuts: one is to kill enzymes (reduce the occurrence of chestnut browning during processing), and the other is to facilitate underwear removal. The best way to blanch chestnuts is to use a stainless steel pot. The principle of small amount and fast blanching should be mastered, and the time is generally about 2 minutes. After hot ironing, finish the process of removing clothes quickly while it is hot, so as to avoid difficulty in removing clothes after cooling

2. Pre cooking and color protection

the main purpose is to further reduce or prevent the occurrence of browning. After undressing, chestnuts should be immediately placed in a color protection solution with a concentration of 80% - 90% for about 20 minutes. Color protection solution is usually prepared from some color protection agents that have a certain color protection effect on chestnut browning, such as citric acid, alum and EDTA, which can be used as color protection agents for chestnut

3. Rinsing and draining

the main function is to partially remove the color fixative components attached to chestnut, so as to maintain the flavor and natural nature of chestnut components. Rinsing is best carried out in running water, and the time is about 10 minutes

4. Selection, grading and packaging

after rinsing and draining, chestnut should be selected, trimmed and graded according to different requirements, and finally the packaging should be completed

5. Vacuum sealing

vacuum sealing process needs to be completed by vacuum packaging machine. Two points should be paid attention to in the vacuum sealing process: first, the vacuum degree should meet the requirements, that is, the air in the bag is basically exhausted. Second, the quality of sealing constitutes an innovation system that conforms to the development characteristics of China's new material industry, and the quantity is better. Neither the sealing temperature is too low, which leads to weak sealing, nor the sealing temperature is too high, which leads to the melting of the bag mouth. The specific operation needs to be adjusted according to the operation requirements of the machine and the accumulation of operation experience

6. Sterilization

chestnut after the vacuum sealing process must be killed in time. 5. Signal waveform bacteria treatment. The sterilization of chestnut is generally suitable to adopt high-pressure sterilization method, with the temperature of more than 115 degrees Celsius and the holding time of minutes. The equipment used for chestnut sterilization should preferably be equipped with back pressure and cooling devices, so as to basically avoid the rupture of the packaging bag in the sterilization process and ensure the sterilization effect

7. Inspection, packing and warehousing

after the chestnut is sterilized and cooled, the whole processing process has basically ended, but the final inspection must be done for packing and warehousing. The main content of the inspection work is to check the compliance with the product standards and remove the broken packages, insufficient weight and other packaging chestnuts that do not meet the requirements

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