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Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant management and control helped the new generator set to be put into operation 9 months in advance

China industrial control industrial control information Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant management and control helped the new generator set to be put into operation 9 months in advance

PlantWeb, composed of ovation expert control system, helped Zouxian Power Plant, one of China's first 1000 MW ultra supercritical units, set a new record in terms of installation and commissioning time Pittsburgh (March 20, 2007) - Emerson Process Control Co., Ltd. today announced that its ovation expert control system has been successfully put into operation on unit 7 of Zouxian Power Plant. Emerson won the contract to install PlantWeb digital factory management and control system composed of ovation expert control system and foundation bus technology for two new 1000MW ultra supercritical units of Zouxian Power Plant if the power consumption was too high in 2006. Zouxian phase IV project belongs to China Huadian Corporation, which represents the first time that China has installed Foundation Fieldbus Technology in power plants to monitor the process

unit 7 of Zouxian Power Plant successfully completed 168 hours of full load test run on February 4, 2006, which was about 9 months ahead of the original plan. 168 hour trial operation is an important milestone for the new unit to be put into commercial operation. Unit 8, which is still under commissioning, will be completed in June 2007 and put into 168 hour trial operation

after the completion of phase IV project, Zouxian Power Plant with 8 units will become the largest coal-fired power plant in China, with a total power generation of 4540mw. Zouxian Power Plant, located in Shandong Province, is an important member of China Huadian Group to meet the growing demand for electricity in the region. Emerson provided a comprehensive control solution for phase IV project, including 64 redundant controllers, 24 ovation workstations, AMS asset management software and more than 130 Foundation Fieldbus intelligent devices, such as Rosemount 848t8 channel temperature input 11. After use, shut down the machine according to the program requirements. It is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power sensors, flow, liquid level and pressure sensors. Ovation System, which manages nearly 30000i/o points, conducts data collection to monitor boilers and utility systems

the new unit of Zouxian Power Plant is one of the first 1000MW ultra supercritical units in China. The ultra supercritical unit adopts advanced clean coal technology, and the steam temperature and pressure are higher when the unit is running. As the coal-fired power generation efficiency of ultra supercritical technology can be significantly increased by more than 50%, and at the same time, it can achieve good environmental protection effect, so this technology is expected to be vigorously promoted in China

unit 7 of Zouxian Power Plant is one of the cleanest, most efficient and most advanced ultra supercritical units at present. The thermal efficiency of the unit is more than 45% (compared with% for conventional Subcritical Units), the coal consumption for power generation is less than 272.9g/kwh (0.60lbs./kwh), and the efficiency of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) is more than 95%

"Emerson's ovation control system performed quite well in the 168 hour test run," said Zhang Hua, senior engineer of instrument control of China Huadian Group. "In fact, the smooth start-up and operation of ovation control system helped the installation and investment time of the unit reach a record 22.6 months, while the commissioning time only took 23 days."

"we have found that many industries controlled by PlantWeb digital factory can not only reduce the construction and commissioning costs of the project, but also help to maintain continuous operational efficiency," said bobyeager, President of Emerson utilities, "It is no surprise that the power industry will gradually realize the benefits of using these technologies that support fieldbus. We are glad to see that China Huadian Group has chosen Emerson's digital control solution, and we are also very pleased to see that our technology has contributed to the record milestone achievement of the unit."

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