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Emerson launched the first free training course on wireless technology for the process industry

Emerson PlantWeb added a new course on the use of wireless technology in process automation, Its engineering technology training courses are richer

Shanghai (September 18, 2007) - Emerson Process Management, a leading supplier of wireless solutions for the process manufacturing industry, has provided a new set of training courses on wireless technology in all aspects of process automation. This course is suitable for anyone who uses automation technology to improve the performance of his factory. These new courses are available free of charge at. All courses will soon be available in Spanish and Chinese

"wireless technology is the next major development goal of process automation", said janelansing, Emerson's vice president of process management marketing, "But most automation users have little experience with this technology in process applications. These new courses at PlantWeb University will help them understand the basics of wireless technology, what wireless technology can do for them, and how they can use wireless technology in their business."

this course is based on Emerson's experience of implementing its intelligent wireless solutions for customers, which is a major obstacle to achieving healthy and sustainable development. It is concise and practical, and does not contain any market hype. Each course only takes about 15 minutes, and can be completed in a double pump independent oil supply room with two flow specifications. Anyone around the world can get it for free as long as they have an Internet connection. The subject content includes: the concept of wireless, wireless standards, wireless mysteries, self-organizing networks and wireless applications. In a recent survey, 81% of respondents said that it was the wireless courses of PlantWeb university that helped them decide when and how to use wireless technology in their operations

the wireless network that has passed the field verification can be connected with the existing DeltaV 8482; Seamless connection with ovation digital automation system, ROC800 series remote operation controller or old host system. Many smart field devices of Emerson are already compatible with wireless technology, including Rosemount 3051S liquid level, pressure and flow transmitters, Rosemount 648 wireless temperature transmitters, Rosemount 1420 wireless switches and AMS 8482; Suite device management portfolio: intelligent device management system, etc. Products under development include FIELDVUE digital valve controller, micromotion Coriolis flowmeter and Rosemount analysis products

Founded in 2002, PlantWeb University offers more than 75 courses to 50000 registered users. It is also a collection of technical articles and white papers. These easy to understand courses provide subjects covering all process industrial operations, including operational efficiency, product quality, output, equipment management, availability, maintenance, employee health, safety, fieldbus technology, and now wireless technology

more than 70% of the surveyed users believe that the course is "very credible", and many people call it "the best free technical training course on the Internet"

please visit PlantWeb University. The site lists all courses, including the new course of wireless technology. New visitors can register and choose the courses they are most interested in

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Emerson Process Management () is a business brand of Emerson group. It is a leader in helping various industries realize production, process control and pipeline transmission and distribution automation, which widely affects the performance of equipment itself, serving chemical, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power, water and sewage treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Emerson combines first-class products and technologies with engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services required by the industry. Its brands include PlantWeb, Fisher, micromotion, Rosemount, mobrey, Daniel, Bristol, deltavtm, ova synchronization and amstmsuite

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Emerson is a global leader who combines technology and engineering and provides innovative solutions to customers through its network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, home appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal year 2006 reached US $20.1 billion. For more information, please visit

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