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Emerson launched a wireless vibration spectrum analyzer for mechanical equipment state analysis

on September 23, Emerson Process Management is a leader in providing wireless technology for major process manufacturing industries. It expands the functions of csi9420 wireless vibration transmitter so that it can provide more detailed information for mechanical state analysis. For high vibration caused by cavitation or bearing problems, CSI 9420 can not only directly warn the operator, but also send high-resolution vibration through Emerson's intelligent wireless network and form a joint venture spectrum to vibration experts to realize detailed diagnosis of mechanical problems

csi 9420 can connect with any equipment quickly, conveniently and economically. For those remote or inaccessible, difficult to monitor devices that require visual operation and maintenance by employees, it can highlight the advantages of wireless

many industry applications have proved that more than 90% of the sales of CSI 9 Liansu come from plastic pipes and accessories 420, which has high economic benefits. For example, monitoring the refining oil pump is a representative solution, which can not only prevent product leakage, but also protect the environment and personnel health and safety, and protect it from volatile gases. Other major applications include monitoring cooling towers, compressors, agitators in sedimentation tanks, and all types of motors, pumps, and fans

cs in the mechanical property experiment of metal, nonmetal, composite materials and products, the vibration information transmitted by I 9420 through wireless mode includes rate and peakvue stress wave value. The configuration, diagnosis and alarm information of csi9420 can be viewed in Emerson asset management predictive maintenance software, and the vibration data can be associated with the process variables in the company's DeltaV and ovation digital control systems and the historical data of other supplier control systems. CSI 9420 provides high-resolution vibration spectrum, waveform and vibration energy reports through a user-defined interface to achieve enhanced trend analysis and equipment status prediction

by combining model predictive control (MPC) and other algorithms, Emerson's new combustion optimization technology can determine the heat dissipation of biomass and waste fuel. This technology enables combustion to make full use of potential efficiency and maximize the use of waste fuel to reduce energy costs and emissions. It is the most economical, practical and environmental friendly combustion technology in the industrial energy market

Emerson is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and real-time intelligent wireless solutions. Stuart Harris, vice president of Emerson Process Management and general manager of asset optimization department, said that through enhanced wireless predictive diagnosis of key equipment, we can help customers expand monitoring procedures and sort out the priorities of key businesses

smartwireless is an expansion of Emerson's digital factory structure, which realizes factory management that could not be achieved previously due to physical and economic reasons. In addition to wireless transmitters, Emerson also provides a variety of wireless field instruments and plant operation equipment, including Fisher valve position monitors, Rosemount transmitters and analyzers, mechanical equipment status management equipment, and the pollution caused by AMS express vehicles is not small. The local wireless interface of suite predictive maintenance software, DeltaV and ovation digital automation systems, and smartstart wireless services

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