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Emerson Network energy air conditioning equipment services Air China recently, a large aviation enterprise subordinate to China aviation industry first group corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Air China") completed the transformation project of the central air conditioning system of the enterprise archives, changing the local areas originally controlled by the central air conditioning in the museum to special air conditioning, thus greatly improving the environmental regulation level of key areas such as the storage room and machine room of the archives

the national regulations on the management of archives environment pointed out that the temperature of archives warehouse should be controlled at Celsius and the humidity should be controlled at 45%-60%. The temperature and humidity requirements of various technical rooms (film and microfilm technology rooms) are higher. Generally speaking, they are in accordance with the standards of computer rooms

it is understood that before the implementation of this system transformation, the environmental regulation task of the enterprise archives is uniformly undertaken by the central air conditioning system, including the cooling and heating task of the overall office environment of the building, as well as the environmental control of the machine room equipment in the library. With the deepening of informatization and specialization of enterprise archives management, the demand for all-weather environmental regulation in archives storage rooms, computer rooms and other areas has gradually become prominent, and comfort air conditioning systems such as central air conditioning have been difficult to meet this demand. In view of this, the enterprise decided to introduce the air conditioning equipment with the characteristics of the special proportional valve in the machine room to replace the control task of the central air conditioning in the special environment such as the machine room

the enterprise that provides special air conditioning solutions for the machine room for this renovation project is Emerson Network energy, a famous power equipment supplier in the industry. The solutions provided by Emerson energy for the project mainly involve multiple sets of challengerm+ series and datamate3000 series air conditioning products. Among them, challengerm+ series belongs to modular high-power precision air conditioners, datamate3 is the key to select Universal Experimental machines, and 000 series belongs to low-power precision air conditioners. The main feature of these special air conditioners for machine rooms is that they can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and fully meet the temperature and humidity requirements of file rooms

these air conditioning equipment of Emerson energy not only have high reliability and stability, but also have some outstanding performance. For example, in terms of energy saving, challengerm+ series adopts advanced scroll compressors, which has obvious energy-saving effect, and datamate3000 series can save 20% - 30% energy consumption than ordinary comfortable air conditioners

AVIC 1 is not only the successor of China's military aerospace industry. 4. Turn on the power supply, but also this kind of experimental machine is a kind of experimental machine with relatively good functions at present. It is the backbone of China's modern aviation industry. This cooperation between the two sides has opened a new opportunity for Emerson energy to continue to cultivate in this industry

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