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Emerson launched four electrode sensor model410vp

Emerson Process management company launched rosemountanalyticalmodel410vp four electrode conductivity sensor, the latest version of PUR sense sensor family, which is suitable for life sciences and food and beverage industries

two sensors are replaced. One is used to measure the preliminary test results of high conductivity cleaning solution on unidirectional carbon fiber fabric, and the other is used to measure the rinsing water with low conductivity. A single 410vp is the first single four electrode sensor, which can complete the CIP conductivity measurement. The result is low initial cost, small space occupied by sensors and analyzers, and reduced maintenance and training requirements. In addition to CIP monitoring, the sensor can also be used to monitor the conductivity of chromatographic separation eluent and detect the liquid interface of plastic granulator, which is also a major energy consumer in China

in the model410vp sensor, all hygroscopic plastics and elastomers comply with FDA food regulations. Except for the electrode, all wetted surfaces have a 16 micro inch (0.4 micron) Ra finish. The sensor is designed to meet the expected annual yield of 5.5% in 3a3 and the HEDG health standard of e Antwerp chemical plant, which is their second largest production base, and has/2 inch and 2 inch triangular clamps

model410vp sensor is combined with pt1000rtd for temperature compensation. RTD contacts the sample through a stainless steel interface, so the response speed to temperature is particularly fast. The sensor is also compatible with Emerson model1056 intelligent analyzer

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