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Emerson and celulosa Arauco in Chile jointly build the world's largest intelligent pulp mill. On June 18, 2008, Emerson's digital integration program for process management helped Arauco become the world's largest intelligent pulp mill, strengthening Arauco's world-class pulp production capacity. The plant was built by an industrial pioneer in nuevaaldea in central Chile. Digital automation enables factory personnel to obtain more data, and significantly improves equipment debugging, factory visualization, operation efficiency and equipment management

Emerson combines PlantWeb structure with professional technology to realize the digital automation of the whole intelligent factory. This not only meets Arauco's strict requirements for environmental protection, personal safety and production quality, but also significantly improves the driving speed

"we have achieved the automation of the whole process from wood feeding into the crusher to pulp output," said alejandroerazo, project engineer of Arauco distributed control system. "Our goal is to adopt the most advanced technology in the industry and adopt the best way to optimize each step in the whole process from engineering to commissioning to plant operation."

"we chose PlantWeb digital factory structure because we want to adopt the most advanced technology to speed up the process of debugging and start-up," erazo continued: "The whole plant has realized the optimization from the initial feeding to the final pulp delivery, significantly saving the cost and start-up time. The commissioning time of each instrument has been saved by 1/3, and the control center of 30 motors can now complete the commissioning in half a day; if there is no intelligent motor control, the commissioning can be completed in at least 2 weeks and 1 month. The commissioning time of valves has been significantly shortened. In previous projects, we generally It takes half a day to debug the valve to the set point. Now we just need to press the button, and the valve will automatically position

"although the scale of the project is large, we still completed it on time, which is due to Emerson's excellent performance," said gunarsluksguzman, plant director of nuevaaldea: "We have successfully achieved all our goals. The planned production capacity of the factory is 856000 tons of kraft pulp per year. Only six months after putting into operation, we have achieved 93.8% of the annual production target. In another month, we can achieve the annual target. I feel very proud to be a member of this project."

celulosaarauco is the world's largest forestry company according to the area of forest land and the amount of belt peel strength testing machines professionally analyzed by the manufacturers of kraft pulp, sawn wood and wood. The total investment of the new pulp mill project is 850million US dollars

Emerson automation and service experts from Argentina and Chile provide celulosaarauco with a complete digital integration solution. The scheme is based on including DeltaV? PlantWeb digital factory architecture including system and foundationfieldbus bus network. Emerson wrote a functional description specification (FDS) for the automation management of the project, and Arauco also sent the FDS to other equipment suppliers who need to feed back the digital configuration data to DeltaV digital automation system. It has been proved that this scheme is very effective in integrating the work of suppliers

arauco and Emerson work together to manage training, simulation, start-up and commissioning. The off-line test of pre start-up adopts the realistic DeltaV simulation system to simulate the operation status of the whole pulp mill of the plant, and confirm the operation and commissioning plan, so as to avoid failure during formal start-up

"DeltaV provides a communication platform so that devices from different manufacturers with different communication protocols can communicate with each other," said mauricioquintanan, system director of vaaldea after nue's deceleration system: "This is of great benefit to the project. The system can also be fully integrated into the new equipment. The equipment management system in Emerson's AMS? Equipment management portfolio helps us accurately diagnose the faults of instruments, thereby improving the work efficiency of maintenance personnel."

digital technology enables all plant data to be obtained in the central channel. Wireless network enables technicians to conduct local tests leisurely, which improves the flexibility of operation and saves debugging time

"celulosaarauco uses the latest digital technology to achieve the best operation of the plant while meeting the requirements of environmental protection, safety and production." Leorodriquez, President of Emerson Latin America, said: "the success of the project shows that the introduction of digital automation structure into the factory brings many normal benefits to determine whether sensors are normal. It not only reduces project risks, shortens project cycle, reduces installation costs, but also provides a platform for setting benchmarks to measure operational performance."

The PlantWeb solution includes 3300 foundation fieldbus devices, including Rosemount flow meters, liquid level meters, pressure and temperature instruments, Fisher valves, and FIELDVUE digital valve positioners. AMS equipment management system generates alarms and related reports for the use of operation and maintenance personnel through the pre diagnostic information obtained from the plant intelligent equipment

plantweb scheme controls more than 2100 rockwelle3 relays and e3+ motor control centers (MCCs) through DeviceNet, and controls more than 3500 discrete i/o points and 340 variable speed drives through profibusdp. PlantWeb is also connected to 15 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) via profibusdp and MODBUS

Emerson's PlantWeb digital factory structure optimizes the operation of the factory by connecting the intelligent devices of the whole factory. At the same time, it achieves optimal control by continuously collecting diagnostic data for asset optimization and pre maintenance. Staff use these data to calibrate equipment and solve process problems to avoid production interruption

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