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Emerson PLC helps hybrid and discrete users develop control capabilities

a brand-new sports and machine rubber tensile testing machine does not need a lot of force control to help users in electric power, life sciences, food and beverage, packaging, renewable energy and other industries to fully control the factory

recently, Emerson introduced a set of programmable logic controller (PLC) product scheme, which can more comprehensively realize manufacturing control and production optimization. By cooperating with automation suppliers, users can expand operations and supply chain control, and realize the whole process of manufacturing from assembly to packaging

Emerson acquired Ge intelligent platform business, bringing more end-to-end automation solutions to the existing process control market. In addition, the product is also in the fast-growing mixed and discrete markets and industries that have always needed or preferred PLC for rapid response and machine control. Taking the low-temperature impact testing machine produced by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. as an example, Li Emerson has expanded its production optimization and control capabilities

the new product portfolio of cloud connected controllers, industrial PCs and intelligent devices complements Emerson's plantwebtm digital ecosystem, making Emerson more focused on helping customers realize digital transformation with automation technology. For customers in the life sciences, metals and mining, power and water treatment, food and beverage, and packaging industries who mix processes and discrete controls to manufacture and deliver finished products, the automation and control portfolio will improve their operational performance and efficiency

Jim Nyquist, President of Emerson systems and solutions business group, said: we continue to invest a lot of money in the control system, add new functions, and help enterprises optimize project investment and operation, so as to stop the tensile, shear and compressive test performance of samples. Through the new product portfolio, we have expanded our automation expertise and brought new digital solutions to the market, so as to seamlessly integrate plant devices and accelerate the improvement of operational performance, safety and reliability

in the future, it is also planned to connect Emerson's deltavtm and ovation TM process control systems to help the process industry eliminate many automation islands in factories, break the restrictions on its efficient implementation of digital transformation plans, and enhance the ability of iiot driven capital optimization

the new product portfolio provides comprehensive machine control and discrete control application products, such as PACSystems, pacmotion, VersaMax IO and quickpanel+, which will provide strong technical support for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and cutting-edge applications

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