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Emerson Network Energy launched the monitoring system service

network has become an indispensable tool in work. All devices are developing in the direction of intelligence. The monitoring system is gradually expanding to every corner of our work. It provides a strong guarantee for the efficient management and safe operation of the computer room, which can be described as a "bumper". However, the monitoring system will affect the whole body, and a slight mistake will cause unpredictable losses. In this regard, Emerson Network energy, the mainstream supplier of global network energy products and services, launched monitoring system services, focusing on the weak links of the monitoring system, and adding a "bumper" to the computer room

with the continuous improvement of social informatization, the number of computer room equipment is increasing day by day. In order to ensure their normal operation, it is necessary for the power environment monitoring system to track and supervise them, detect various indicators of the computer room environment in real time, and timely record, query and automatically and quickly alarm in case of power failure, power failure, high ambient temperature, illegal intrusion, fire and water leakage in the computer room. Therefore, the role of power environment monitoring system is particularly important. However, no matter how powerful the equipment is, it is also fragile. The monitoring system cannot "drop the chain" at the critical moment. Timely and thoughtful professional service after 3 months is an essential supplement

intermediate maintenance: keep the equipment in the best condition

the monitoring system has been working for a long time. Although it can still operate normally, it also needs to rest, which is particularly important for the monitoring system. The monitoring system is mainly used to monitor the operation status, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, power supply voltage, current, frequency, switching state of distribution system, lightning protection system, etc. of equipment in the machine room (such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, lightning arrester, air conditioning, fire protection system, security access control system, etc.) in real time and record historical data, so as to realize the management functions of telemetry, remote signaling, remote control and remote adjustment of the machine room. The monitoring system shoulders so many heavy responsibilities that if it is slightly neglected, the consequences will be unimaginable. Due to the inherent characteristics of some sensors, security requirements, computer and database software characteristics of the monitoring system, it is necessary to regularly test and correct the accuracy or sensitivity of the sensor and sort out the database, so as to ensure the accuracy, sensitivity and accuracy of the data collected by the monitoring system and make the "bumper" play a long-term insurance role

Emerson energy is deeply aware of this, and has launched the medium-term maintenance service for nearly two years. The purpose is to make the equipment in the best condition and effectively extend the service life of the equipment. This service includes database space usage inspection and sorting, virus detection and killing, monitoring system sensor sensitivity and accuracy inspection, monitoring system smoke detector cleaning and inspection, monitoring system pressure sensor calibration and other items. This transaction is the second comprehensive "physical examination" acquired by PolyOne in 2016, which can effectively eliminate hidden dangers, improve the operation quality of the monitoring system, and thus improve the operation efficiency of the whole computer room

management consulting: create more value for customers

the monitoring system is the perfect embodiment of the combination of computer room environment construction and multimedia information technology, but how to make the monitoring system play a full role and create more value for customers is not what customers are good at. Customers not only need to know how to use the monitoring system, but also be good at using it, which requires the help of external forces

Emerson Network energy monitoring system management consulting services include power energy-saving operation scheme, monitoring center trusteeship, monitoring center application cooperation and report customization, among which report customization will be favored by customers because of its prominent role

report customization means that Emerson energy can flexibly define various report styles (including statistical reports) in the database by using the report definition function of the monitoring system according to customer requirements and maintenance business needs, and can print out reports or export reports in electronic form for archiving. For example, if a group of batteries in a module office of an operator fails and its discharge time cannot meet the requirements, the report customization can carry out repeated charge and discharge tests on them, collect the individual voltage, charge and discharge current and total voltage of the group of batteries, and generate the charge and discharge curve of the battery pack. The curve of the same group of individual batteries can be compared horizontally, the backward batteries can be positioned, and it can also be compared vertically with the historical curve, Evaluate the degree of battery performance degradation

training services: improve the level of technology and management

the monitoring system involves computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology and other fields, which requires the customer's maintenance personnel to have a variety of professional skills. In addition, the monitoring system focuses on maintenance management, which has gone beyond the technical level to the management perspective. To give full play to the role of the monitoring system in power maintenance and management, it is necessary to have talents with the above-mentioned professional skills, and be very familiar with various applications of the monitoring system. This requires professional technical and application training. In this regard, Emerson Network Energy launched training services, which can effectively improve the technical level and management skills of customer maintenance personnel

Emerson Network energy training services include technical training services and maintenance management training services. Maintenance management training is divided into maintenance basic management training, maintenance business management training and monitoring integrated application training, from primary to comprehensive, covering different stages of maintenance management. Monitoring integrated application training refers to Emerson Network energy utilization monitoring system as the maintenance tool of the power system, as well as the training of the monitoring system in maintenance management, equipment asset management and other aspects, which is conducive to the monitoring system to play a greater role and make the maintenance management more basis

with the rapid development of all walks of life, it has become an inevitable trend to simplify maintenance, computerize management and save manpower. After more than ten years of continuous optimization and upgrading, Emerson Network monitoring system has formed a full range of products including hardware, software, image and transmission. Now, Emerson Network energy, with its own technological advantages, has launched monitoring services close to customers' needs, and continues to create value for customers

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