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Emerson participated in the 2006 China International Elevator Exhibition

on April 18, 2006, Langfang, China - the 2006 China International Elevator Exhibition hosted by the China Elevator Association was held in Langfang International Exhibition Center from April 18 to 21, 2006. Hundreds of manufacturers in the industry participated in this elevator industry event. Relevant subsidiaries of Emerson Industrial automation, the business brand of Emerson Electric Company (New York Stock Exchange code: EMR, hereinafter referred to as Emerson), participated in the exhibition to comprehensively display Emerson's advanced technologies and products for the global elevator industry

emerson provides optimization solutions for the global elevator industry, mainly including high-performance AC and DC drives from Emerson CT in the UK, AC and DC gearless traction machine, permanent magnet and synchronous external rotor traction machine of lileysenma electric company in France, elevator special gears for Emerson power transmission, and general-purpose AC frequency converters, PLC and uninterruptible power supply system of Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd

Frederic Lambert, President of Emerson Industrial Automation Asia Pacific, said: "in recent years, with the development of China's real estate and commercial construction market, the demand for elevators has been rising. Emerson Industrial automation and other Emerson businesses continue to increase the design and development of supporting facilities in the field of elevator equipment, providing customers with optimized integrated solutions."

France lileysenma Electric Co. () Specializing in the production of industrial motors, generators, reducers and electronic drives. Lileisenma has more than 30 years of design and production experience in elevator traction machines. In addition, PolyOne has specially hired sales and technical personnel with special engineering materials background in India. It has good cooperation with major elevator manufacturers in the world and can provide a full range of traction machines to meet various elevator traction needs, from Submersible motors for hydraulic elevators to variable-frequency motors for AC VVVF elevators, DC gearless traction machine to permanent magnet synchronous external rotor traction machine. According to the development direction of elevator technology, lileisenma has continuously developed traction machine products that meet the needs of elevator manufacturers in the world. Lileisenma entered the Chinese market in 1995 and established the company's first factory in China in Fuzhou in 1999

Emerson CT company () has developed into a global supplier of AC and DC drives and servers since its establishment in 1973. Through a network of more than 50 drive centers around the world, the company can provide excellent drive application technology for different industries. In the field of elevator application, Emerson CT company has designed an ideal elevator special driver unidrive es for the elevator industry to meet the requirements of Global OEMs. "The best gearless elevator special driver" unidrive es can meet the rising demand of the Chinese market for the application of permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator system. The driver can also be used in elevator system with gear traction machine to drive asynchronous motor in closed-loop vector or sensorless vector mode. This unidrive es specially designed for elevators has built-in elevator control performance, providing passengers with the best comfort and safety

China Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. (maximum experimental force: 0 ±) is not only an end-to-end integrated supplier of network energy products, but also an integrated supplier of industrial control products. On the basis of TD3000 products, it has developed td3100/ev3100/td3200 elevator special transmission products, which can meet the integrated solutions of the elevator industry. Ev3100 is a synchronous asynchronous integrated elevator special inverter launched by Emerson energy in fiscal year 2005. In addition to excellent performance, its products have built-in various elevator control modes for customers to choose. Because the td3100/ev3100/td3200 has many advantages, it reduces the comprehensive cost of products for customers in the elevator industry and greatly facilitates the future maintenance of users. At present, these special frequency converters for elevators have become widely used in all kinds of elevators

Emerson Industrial Automation elevator solutions booth number is b281, which brings leading product brands to serve China's important and rapidly developing elevator industry

about Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal 2005 amounted to $17.3 billion. For further information, please visit (global), (China) and other stations

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Emerson Industrial automation is a business brand of Emerson company, which provides technologically leading production solutions, including machinery, power and ultrasonic, and provides the most advanced industrial automation for a variety of industries around the world. This business brand has a wide range of products and systems used in production processes and equipment, including motion control systems, material connections, precision cleaning, material testing, hydraulic control valves, alternators, motors, mechanical power transmission drives and bearings. For more information, please browse or

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Emerson energy symptoms: without load, Emerson belongs to the business brand. It has comprehensive and reliable power solutions in the power industry, including plug-in power supply, online, power supply, power supply system and precision air conditioning system, serving global telecommunications networks, data centers, health centers and industrial facilities. 2. The average value of the measured points in fiscal 2005 was US $3.3 billion. For details, please visit

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