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Emerson participated in the 2011 China insurance industry informatization construction high level forum

Beijing [May 5, 2011] in today's insurance industry, market competition is essentially information competition. Consolidating information infrastructure and promoting enterprise informatization construction are the key for insurance enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. The generation of the cloud computing concept experiment speed of 200mm/min is even more important. Recently, at the 2011 China insurance industry informatization construction high level forum held by Beijing Xiangshan Hotel, Emerson energy, the global leader of the business brand and key business full assurance TM of Emerson (New York Stock Exchange Stock Code: EMR), together with many well-known enterprises and it manufacturers from China's insurance field, They had in-depth exchanges and discussions on how the informatization construction of the insurance industry can meet the development of insurance business under the cloud computing environment

insurance industry is a knowledge intensive industry. Enterprises need to be supported by information technology in terms of organizational structure, business process, business development and customer service. Cloud computing is not only a technological change, but also a change in the mode of industrial development. Especially at present, China's insurance industry is in a critical period from extensive development to intensive development. Promoting the construction of enterprise informatization can make various means and tools of intensive management more effectively used, so as to continuously optimize the business structure, strengthen the internal control of the company, improve the service level, and then enhance the competitive strength of enterprises. Therefore, we should not only look at cloud computing from a technical perspective, but also pay attention to it from a strategic level. Information technology executives in the insurance industry should be active promoters of cloud computing

in the information construction of insurance enterprises, the power and environmental foundation of data centers are the focus and hotspot of the industry. At present, the major insurance enterprises have accumulated a large amount of data information, the scale of the enterprise's data center is becoming larger and larger, and the core system is becoming more and more critical, which puts forward higher requirements for the heart power supply and environment system of the network platform. In response to this, Emerson Network energy delivered a speech on the "new generation data center Emerson insurance industry intelligent data center solutions" at the high-level forum

Emerson Network Energy believes that the new generation of insurance data centers often need 24-hour stable and uninterrupted power support. At the refrigeration level, due to the application of various high-performance equipment, the refrigeration problem of high heat density in the machine room has become a major difficulty. In addition, with the increase of energy consumption in the machine room, enterprises' attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction will lead to 10 points of severe results, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston appearance. After in-depth analysis of the development trend of intelligent data center in the insurance industry, Emerson's intelligent data center solution in the insurance industry starts with two parts: IT infrastructure and computer room infrastructure. Through the effective management of access/control, configuration/capacity management, energy efficiency, operation and other four links, it can finally achieve a safe landing from the cloud even in heterogeneous environments. It also highlights the four characteristics of visualization, concentration, dynamics and green. This solution can effectively reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the computer room, thereby helping enterprises improve ROI (return on investment)

as the mainstream data center power integration solution provider in the industry, Emerson Network energy has been paying high attention to the development of insurance informatization in China. For a long time, the company has provided strong support for many insurance industry customers in China by virtue of advanced technology and products, innovative new material advantageous industrial solutions focusing on the development of our province, and the concept of customer-oriented service, which has been highly praised by the industry. At this forum, the company also actively discussed the informatization issues with many insurance enterprise customers and it manufacturers in the industry, which further deepened the understanding of all parties, strengthened contacts, and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future

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