Safety requirements for cold treatment of the hott

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Safety requirements for cold treatment of reinforcement

1) protective baffle shall be set in front of the cold drawing winch. If there is no baffle, the winch shall be 90 ° from the cold drawing direction, and closed guide pulley shall be used. Stand behind the protective baffle during operation. No one is allowed to stand or pass in the cold drawing site

2) the cold drawn steel bar shall be clamped and the start-up signal shall be sent after leaving. In case of sliding or other problems, the machine shall be shut down first, and the operation can be resumed only after the reinforcement is loosened

3) cold drawing and tensioning reinforcement shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specified stress and elongation, and shall not be changed at will. Whether the reinforcement is stretched or loosened, it shall be slow and uniform. If the oil pump, Jack and anchor clamp are found to be abnormal, the tensioning shall be stopped immediately

4) for tensioning reinforcement, protective baffle shall be set at both ends. The reinforcement shall be protected after tensioning, and it is forbidden to press heavy objects or walk on them. When pouring concrete, the vibrator shall be prevented from impacting the prestressed reinforcement

5) the jack feet must be aligned with the components and placed flatly. The stretching shall be stopped first when measuring the stretching length, wedging and tightening the bolts, and the 288 water fire extinguishing system shall be operated on both sides. However, the design cost is high to prevent the reinforcement from breaking and springback from hurting people

6) when the same member has prestressed and non prestressed reinforcement, the prestressed reinforcement shall be tensioned twice, the first time to 70-80% of the control stress, and then to the specified stress value after the non prestressed reinforcement is bound

7) when electrothermal tensioning is used, the electrical circuit must be installed by a licensed electrician, and the wire connection points should be wrapped and not exposed. During tensioning, the voltage shall not exceed the specified value

8) electricity (6). Preservation: manual ultrasonic vibration grinding combines the material removal mechanism of diamond grinding and the composite grinding technology with ultrasonic machining characteristics to preserve the experimental data. When the thermal tension reaches the tension stress value, it should be powered off first, and then anchored. For live operation, insulating shoes and gloves should be worn. No one is allowed to stand at both ends of the reinforcement during cooling

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