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Safety protection measures for trench excavation

1. Manual excavation must be carried out in layers from top to bottom, and the cliff must be carefully excavated. The intersection of the two trenches must be excavated into an obtuse angle, and the space between the digging puppets and the people should be more than 2.5 meters:

some domestic brands of high and low temperature impact testing machines may know very well in all aspects of your consultation. 2. Under the soil retaining wall, the excavation hole must be dug into an arch or A-shaped roof, No digging is allowed when the soil quality is particularly poor

3. When the sand layer is found, the foreman shall be informed about the excavation method. Sandbags can be used to block the edge of the trench to prevent the quicksand at the edge of the trench from forming the trench collapse. Dense supports or large openings must be made, Re excavation "If there is a good bidder, the soil must be stacked 1 meter away from the ditch edge when it is piled up at the ditch edge;

4. When the trench is dug for more than 2 meters, it must be supported with logs, boards, and nails, so it is difficult to be integrated into the manufacturing process. The lifting rope must be firm, and the path under the feet of the puppet must be firm, flat, and smooth;

5. When going up and down the trench, it must go up and down from the ladder, and the schoolworkers in the trench must wear safety helmets

(2) The local stress-strain method is mainly used to calculate the low cycle fatigue life dominated by plastic deformation

6. During excavation, if old cables, pipelines and other buildings are found, they shall be properly sheltered, and the foreman and site handling staff shall be reported in a timely manner. They shall not handle them without authorization

7. During mechanical excavation, the constructors must explain to the driver that the underground cable duct and other trench backfill excavated by rainwater and sewage open trench, the basic ash and soil of the trench and other equipment are safe

8. During mechanical excavation and slope cutting, the work must be done outside the reverse rotation radius of the mechanical arm, and the machine must be shut down before operation

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