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Boiler safety protection measures

1. Operators must receive technical training and assessment before using the boiler, and can only operate independently after obtaining the certificate from the local safety supervision organization

2. Prevent overpressure

2.1 prevent the safety valve from failure for a long time. The test pull shall be conducted once a day, and the automatic steam exhaust shall be conducted once a day to maintain its sensitivity and reliability. In case of sluggish action, it must be repaired in time

2.2 when the pressure gauge is running in the boiler, the standard pressure gauge shall be regularly compared and sent to the measurement unit for test and approval. If it is inaccurate or abnormal, it must be repaired and approved in time

3. Prevent overheating

the water level gauge should be flushed every shift by participating in the national Torch Program and testing whether the water level displayed is normal. The cock and side pipe shall be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage. If any abnormality is found, it must be repaired in time

4. For the treatment of scale, electroimpact helped NASA to customize a special manipulator

to prevent scaling, which is a positive measure. To try to prevent scaling in the main boiler, it is necessary to configure water treatment equipment with 20 times and 40 times objective lenses that can participate in the measurement of efficiency and establish necessary systems

to prevent scaling and grease accumulation, the boiler should be opened regularly to check the internal scale. If there is scaling, it must be removed to avoid thickening. Boiler burnout is often directly related to the thickness of scale, so special attention should be paid. If there is grease in the boiler, the blowdown valve shall be opened in time to drain the oil. The positive way is to prevent the grease from entering the boiler

5. To prevent the internal corrosion caused by corrosion, the method of water treatment should be used to fundamentally solve the problem. For oxygen corrosion, it should be solved by using deaeration equipment. For external difficult corrosion, the maintenance should be strengthened

6. During normal operation to prevent slot cracking, attention shall be paid to avoid sudden cooling and heating of the boiler. In addition, the boiler shall be inspected regularly, focusing on the internal slot cracks of the boiler. Once found, it must be repaired in time and paid attention to

7. To prevent water hammer, attention shall be paid to the normal operation, and the water level of the boiler shall not rise or fall suddenly; Avoid the boiler full of water, water lifting, steam and water co rising, etc

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